Shedding Skins

by Dr Robert A. Field

Dr Rob Field is working part time as an adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Wyoming. He currently teaches classes on environmental impact statements, global climate change, electricity and magnetism and the scientific method.

The first skin was the hardest to shed. It was the spring of 1997 as I stood at the top of Silbury Hill for the first time.  I noticed a burnt area close to my feet. I had some mineral water with me and I was compelled to pour an inward water spiral over the raw earth to heal and perhaps apologise. At this time spirals meant nothing to me. This is where I started with Earth energies or rather they started with me. Initially I felt that I was healed physically then spiritually. It was not immediate but by that evening my body felt completely revitalised. I experienced what I term “a fire in the mind”. This can be best described as a state of altered perception. This phenomenon varied in intensity and lasted for around ten days. I understood concepts that I could not express, I felt truly free.

In the midst of this change I went to Angera near Milan, Italy for a week, where I was representing the UK government on air pollution measurements. During this time I felt my first true realisations of Earth energy. The Earth was alive in a way I never considered. Certain places emanated a sense of “something special”. I could feel what for the old me was impossible. I had shed the first skin. I travelled back to the UK by train and met my true love. Six weeks later I moved to Wyoming, our first child Brian was born in the spring of 1998.

In the summer of 1999 my family spent ten weeks in the UK. I experienced a second fire in the mind after which I began to experience what I term “palm action”. This is a feeling of tingling heat and energy in the centre of the palms. My first experience of this phenomenon was in the streets of Glastonbury during a weekend break. It was intense and I had no idea what was going on. I thought I was ill. A week or so later, close to our departure date, I discovered the book “The Sun and the Serpent”. This book was a revelation to me. Not only did the Saint Michael and Saint Mary Earth energy visit many places I was drawn to visit but also it could explain the palm action. At Ickleton Church the Saint Michael Earth energy made my palms literally crackle like electricity was passing through them. Near to Royston Cave, in a bookshop, the Saint Mary Earth energy produced a different effect. This feeling is harder to describe, again centred in the palms, but different from the more raw energy of the Saint Michael energy. It felt more loving and smooth. These experiences were watershed moments for me.

During the autumn of 1999 I visited a number of pre-historic sites in Ohio. These sites were various mound structures built by the Adena and Hopewell cultures. I believe that some of these sites, including a now lost seventy-mile straight earthwork path between Newark and Chillicothe, mark the flow of serpent Earth energy. I base this assertion on palm action and intuition. The palm action varied in intensity and may simply mark these places as being sacred in their own right. A location called Seip mound felt very powerful, more so than the more famous Serpent mound. The possibility that the sites in Ohio could be part of one of the twelve large Earth energy circles around the globe seems an exciting proposition.

In January 2000 I realised what I needed to do. A long walk along the Saint Michael and Saint Mary Earth energy line was required. For me this would be a pilgrimage and time for re-connection. During March 2000 I visited the UK for a week. I was able to go to a number of sites between Hopton on Sea and Royston Cave.

Arriving at Hopton on Sea was exciting. I was eager to test my new dowsing rods. The abandoned St. Mary’s church was magnificent in its decay and sad with its ugly ten-foot high surrounding “protective” fence. A quick climb and I was inside. My new rods “refused” to work but my palms showed me the way to the node point. A strange feeling pervaded the place; eventually I realized that the “place” did not want me to leave. A few times I started to leave but was compelled to stay. In the close proximity of the church I was able to feel the energy flows towards the sea but not in the opposite direction. I realised that my ability to use my palms was akin to an on/off detector that once “charged” took a while to dissipate.

Walking at the water’s edge at Hopton on Sea I began to convince myself that nothing special was going to happen and that palm action only occurred in places I knew it should. Then I walked into the St Michael energy line. My right foot trod next to an interesting flint rock. It was a large piece with a central hole. I see these as good luck. My next step revealed a whole multitude of holey rocks. I had some gifts, I laughed loudly. I needed to get the famous relaxed concentration. I found achieving this state needs some work. My mind was wandering. A month or so later I reversed my view of the flint rock and realized that a symbolic image was present which I had not previously seen. How did this happen? Another lesson.

Visits to Eye and Bury St. Edmunds confirmed that my palms worked well detecting the presence of Earth Energy. At Royston cave I realized that I needed to be more open to the trance-like state that certain places can induce. Initially I considered that my palms were only a measuring tool which enabled me know that I was in an “energy field” with the intensity of feeling indicating strength of field. I realised that the notion of restricting myself to only measuring with my palms was limiting. It was time to replace measurement with feeling and numbers with words. I needed to combine intuition and altered perception with the palm action. I needed to use all of me

My experience of Earth energies is limited and may not help any of you reading this article. I am sure that Earth energy has a deeply “spiritual nature”. I use the latter term precisely. We are part of nature. Our bodies are part of this planet we call Earth and as such we are bound. While the spirit of Earth and that of humans differ it is clear to me that life is a common thread. I may never understand how Earth energies work. Science can explain the mechanism that makes a tear flow down my cheek. However the understanding of emotion can be an indefinable task. As tears, energy flows. Intuitively I feel that a metaphysical rather than geophysical explanation holds the key.

I look forward to developing my dowsing skills over the coming years. I aim to proceed with love, respect and compassion with the exclusion of selfish pride and ego. I am not dealing with scientifically explaining the world anymore. I am growing with the knowledge that with an open heart and clear mind I can not go too far wrong. I am not sure that I want to make maps anymore. I am enjoying following in the footsteps of Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst. I hope that I may see some of you during my walk in 2001 from Silbury Hill to St Michaels Mount. Moving slowly without a schedule, I will be more able to truly see and feel the Earth around me. Hopefully I will be able to help and be helped by some fellow travellers along the way. After all, a helping hand is always appreciated.

Besides feeling earth energies my palms have begun to respond to other energy fields. Indeed, a healer was able to “charge” my palms remotely as she sat opposite me. At present my ability to differentiate between different Earth energies is limited. I am unable to recognize an energy line as distinct in character. I have come a long way but still have a lot to learn.

I insist that my students at the University of Wyoming define concepts that they express in essays. I am unable to offer a dictionary style definition of Earth Energy.

I am always ready to shed another skin. A new view may sometimes be difficult or strange but new light and altered perception works that way. Earth energy is a good guiding light.

© 2000 Dr. Robert A. Field & BSD EEG