Sheffield Consultation

by Susie Shaw

I recently attended a consultation in Sheffield. The enquiry came through my website (, and as soon as I opened the email, I felt queasy and light-headed. I contacted the client and we talked for some time about the problems the family had experienced over the previous 8 or 9 years. Tina is married to Pete and they have 5 children, all of whom Tina has home educated. Reading through the enquiry, it was obvious that Tina was at her wits end and really was feeling very low.

Following receipt of a floor plan, I arranged a consultation, conveniently combined with a weekend in The Peak District! I was very much aware that this space was going to be a challenge, as entirely apart from my map dowsing results, I had experienced exceedingly strong physical reactions, whilst ‘tuning’ in to the space.

As I approached the road, I became aware of the same feelings washing over me so I pulled over and zapped on my protection, including a text to a colleague to ask for some support from a distance.

The road where the clients lived was lined with large detached houses, each with its own individual styles. However the energy felt rather distinctive and it seemed to me that the surrounding area was in need of healing.

On arrival at the home, I was greeted by an enthusiastic brood of children whose ages ranged from 8 – 16 years, as well as by Tina. We began the consultation by having a chat around the kitchen table. Tina spent some time talking about how she felt and about her feelings and perceptions about the house. She was clearly desperate and very depressed.

As for the children, it seemed that they were lethargic in the house but energetic outside. Visitors would often comment that they didn’t like the house, and it generally proved almost impossible for the family to find house sitters. Tina reported that she couldn’t concentrate or manage to get anything done.

I asked her about the previous occupants, and discovered that they seemed to have divorced, having lived in the house for approximately 4 years. The house was built in 1859 and that same year the owner who built it died. Tina also informed me that a dowser had apparently been to the house at some time and had moved their “black water” from under the house.

Having done some research on the locality before I arrived, I showed Tina some maps, both old and modern, that I had found of the local area. These showed several quarries and her house was surrounded by 5 churches. There was a lot of water generally in the area too. In fact, the records indicated that a dam had burst in a nearby area at one time, destroying all in its path, and killing hundreds of people. There was also evidence to suggest that the much of the local land had been regarded as wasteland for a considerable period, before being built upon. Mention of the churches prompted Tina to tell me that she often went to the local church to meditate as it was a place that she felt safe.

We then moved on to a guided tour of the property. At this stage in a consultation, I don’t engage with the space, but simply let the client show me round. However, as we reached the top of the stairs, I felt a rather menacing, cold air almost press against me. I centred myself and quickly reinforced my armour! As we reached the children’s bathroom, Tina exclaimed that everyone hated the room and no one used the bath! I quickly closed the door, aware of a strong elemental energy.

I like to set up my altar as a base from which to work, and where I can re-focus if necessary. On this occasion, the kitchen seemed the most appropriate site for this and, having laid out my tools, I went outside to connect with the space and with the land. With my pendulum, I dowsed down through my list of possible earth energies and also other energies such as earth-bound spirits and other misplaced energies.

Generally, I clear any detrimental earth energies such as GS first. This particular plot had a ley running through one side of the house, with an energy ley running through it. Tina and Pete had built an extension onto the house at this point. I dowsed for where I needed to work and found that I needed to needle the edges of the energy ley. I also wanted to know just how strong the detrimental energy was and my result was that it was 9/10 in strength, so very strong. However, I was surprised to find I needed to leave the pins permanently in the ground. I also used steel which is unusual for me as I would consider this metal as being aggressive to the earth. The only other place I had done this was at my previous house which had lots of interesting energies and strong GS present.

I found 3 other points that required acupuncture, though in these instances I used 2 copper pipes and a branch that I found in the garden, just at the point where I needed to work. I did some healing too with flower essences.

I then set about doing some healing on the energies that I had found in the house. I was aware of a gateway at a crossing on the staircase. I thought it interesting too was that this particular area was in need of repair. I found that the gateway had a guardian spirit that I relocated. I also delegated a psychic healing of the gateway and found it appropriate to close it.

I then set about helping the earth-bound spirits to move on to their next level for healing, calling upon their ancestors to meet them. In all there, I found 6 spirits present at the property. I walked around the house to locate where they were and found there to be 2 situated in the games room which was part of the extension. This particular room felt very heavy and was the room in which the children often played. There were spirits in two of the bedrooms, one of these being Tina and Pete’s room. It was a male spirit and had been there for about 27 years. As this was also a room which had 2 lines of GS crossing the bed, it was no wonderTina felt so tired and depressed. The other bedroom which I found energetically problematic was Sophie’s room. Sophie is 12 and she told me that she was always tripping up in her room and that she didn’t sleep well. I found that her bed was situated on the ley so I advised Tina to move her bed to ensure that she wasn’t sleeping on it.

As I made my way through a long process of healing and checking back into the house to see how the space felt, I gradually started to feel a sense of accomplishment. I did some space clearing with my bell and some smudging. We talked about intention and what sort of things Tina and the family would like to accomplish. I put the family’s intention for their home into the space using some small bells. Usually I get client to help but on this particular occasion this did not seem appropriate as Tina seemed rather vulnerable. The same applied to dowsing; I normally ask clients if they would like to dowse so that when the GS is cleared they can confirm that for themselves—a big help in the healing process—but did not do so here.

I asked Tina to make a wish list with Pete for the house and family, over the next few days. This was a list of intentions that they would place in a plant pot so that when they watered the plant, they would renew their focus and bring about positive intention.

Tina felt very emotional throughout the time I spent there. I also did some healing on her aura whilst I was at the house. Finishing off, I did some energetic work on the boundaries of the property and checked that the house felt fine and that I hadn’t missed anything. I gave Tina some information on what to expect after my consultation and reminded her to ensure that the whole family had plenty of water to drink over the next few days and to take a salt bath each that day.

I left the house some 4 ½ hours after my arrival, somewhat tired but feeling pleased with the enormous transformation that had taken place in the intervening period, and looking forward to my weekend in The Peak District. The next day, I went into the woods, armed with sweets and coins and made an offering to the earth and focused on sending healing to the whole area.
This had been a challenging job and I had to keep my focus and intent centred. I also felt that a big part of the healing process for Tina was being able to talk to someone about her experiences in the house. At the same time I had to keep firm boundaries so that I wasn’t distracted from the job in hand.

I called up Tina a week later and she reported back a number of positive effects:

  • The children were pleased that they could use their bathroom without ducking to go in!
  • The cat was now using its litter tray.
  • Tina had been told by 3 people over the course of the week that she looked younger!
  • She had started to write her book again, having not been able to be creative at all in the house.
  • She was managing to get things done and felt positive, energetic and optimistic.
  • The children had much more energy and generally all seemed peaceful.
  • Pete hadn’t noticed much of anything but was pleased that his wife was happy!

Two months on and Tina is still full of beans and has become very interested in spiritual matters. She commented to me that she felt guilty that she had previously spent so much time lying in bed and not getting up. I told her that, on the contrary, she should be patting herself on the back as it was a wonder that she had even managed that, in the context of the space given all that I found it to contain!

Life for her still has the ups and downs as for all of us but Tina is determined to stay positive and is very focused on where she and her family are going.

© 2005 Susie Shaw and BSD EEG