Shifting the Paradigm in Earth Energy Studies

by Stephanie Bolton

I would like to shift the focus of our Earth Energy study and state my view of what we are looking at, each in our own personal way, some with great scientific rigour and some with a large measure of intuition, through the medium of dowsing. Patrick MacManaway has often used the analogy of the blind men describing the elephant… .

My view derives from Tom Graves1 who has likened megalithic stones to acupuncture needles, and from Barbara Anne Brennan2 who applies a holographic view of the Universe to the human energy system. There is a growing body of literature dealing with the human energy field, acknowledging the presence of chi, meridians and many layers of the human energy field – collectively known as the aura.

I believe that we are dealing with the Earth’s aura. We are dealing with the subtle interplay of all the material elements of the Earth – fire, earth, air and water – and also a fifth element which can be called electromagnetic and analysed into all sorts of frequencies – but, for simplicity, I will call it light.

Through this medium, energies reach us from the Cosmos, enter the physical body of the Earth and set up the phenomena we know as energy leys. First, galactic rays move into the Earth’s core drawn in by the magnetism at the poles. Modified by this contact, they move to the surface in the conducting medium of primary water. Where large underground streams cross at different levels near the surface, nodal points are created which energise straight lines of subtle light which move over the surface of the land.

These “energy leys” project energy from the underground streams, blended with rays from the sun, planets and stars which transit the nodal points at various times, – “lighting ” them. These main lines of subtle energy feed smaller and smaller branching networks of lines. They sustain life and the manifestation of matter, which we do not normally regard as living, but nevertheless has an energy field. Without the energy leys, there is entropy, non-life.

Ancient peoples felt this vibrancy . They celebrated its potency at the nodal points, their sacred sites. Their joy, dance and music, their reverence, their attunement, complemented and enhanced this system.

Humans are co-creators of this subtle system. This is the nature of Earth Life. So long as the present vast populations of our planet remain ignorant of this, the subtle energy system erodes towards a crisis point. So long as mankind erodes the vitality of the Earth, he erodes his own vitality. Our modem land use is creating fields of sick energy, stagnant energy, which creates sick bodies, minds and emotions and a weakened environment.

We also have the power to heal this situation. We are co-creators. We can attune with the energy of the Earth and the higher energies of our universe and rebalance the systems around us through prayer.

Our planet, our Earth, orbits amongst fields of light. It carries a precious biosphere which is ours to protect.

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