Some Thoughts on Definitions

by Captain J A Fergusson-Cuninghame MC

Terminology must be standardised world-wide. I give below my ideas on certain terms in common use and some ideas on energy lines.

A Ley

A straight line drawn on a map or observed on the ground between two sacred places and supported by marker stones. A ley can be dowsed if it contains energy lines. Watkins apparently did not know this.

Ley Energies

Generally 6ft wide containing 4 bands. Any or all can be disturbed. they act as marker lines in a ley and are the only way of tracing a ley when visual observation is not possible. They can curve off course between nodes. They can also change direction at an angle at a node or crossing. Study the Michael – Mary Ley.

Hartmann Network

N-S 2 metres Yin. 3000B (Bovis Units – Ed.).
E-W 2.5 metres Yang. 4000B.
Easily dowsed. Oriented on magnetic north. Generally unfriendly to mankind, particularly when at the nodes when over water. Liked by cloven hoofed animals. Yin lines are often black. At best brown. This grid is always found to have been moved out of the important areas of ancient sacred sites and buildings in all countries. Post reformation churches in this country sometimes have not had the lines removed. However these lines particularly the N-S lines can be moved mentally with permission where mistakes have been made as in Tewkesbury Abbey. This can be done remotely. These energies are studied in the practice of Feng-shui. All aspects of the Hartman grid and Bovis Biometer are explained in Madame Blanches Merz’s book1, Which must be read by any one studying the subject. They are known to be a factor in cancer cases and ME. Recent research in Germany indicates a connection with cot deaths, particularly where electrical pollution is also present. See my remarks on thought forms below.

Curry Grid

(Ed note: Cap’n John appears to be talking about the Benker Grid here, NOT the Curry)

N-S 3.27 metres. Yin. 12000B.
E-W 3.5 metres. Yang. 13000B.
Easily dowsed. Oriented on magnetic north. Colour silver pink. Owing to its high spiritual quality probably beneficial to man, certainly harmless. Little is known about its qualities in this country so information urgently required from those travelling abroad, as it has been more widely studied in Europe. It appears to be an above ground energy. Where grids coincide, the Curry (Benker – Ed.)grid contains 4 Hartmann squares. Incorrectly stated to be untraceable in the UK. It is every where like the Hartmann. Just ask! It can be moved just as easily, but there seems no point in doing so. It has not been moved from sacred places.

Thought Forms

Thought forms are easy to dowse and can be very useful. Briefly, thought screens can be put up anywhere and conditioned to show if they have been penetrated. Use with symbols to give protection from VDU screens etc. L-rods can trace thought forms of criminals and others over considerable distances. I will write a separate article on them in due course.

© 1996 Capt. John Fergusson-Cuninghame & BSD EEG

  1. Blanche Merz, ‘Points of Cosmic Energy’ – Ed. []