Spirals and Tetrahedrals

by Jim Lyons

Many earth energy dowsers know about the spiral patterns carved on rocks by our Neolithic forefathers. Recent study of these shapes has shown them to be what is called mathematically the involute of a circle. (see diagram) This is none other than the path traced out by the end of a piece of cotton as we unwind the taut thread from a cotton bobbin.

Recent study of waves produced in shallow dishes when certain chemicals are mixed show forms just like these ancient carvings. They are in fact  “chaotic waves”.

Dowsing energy lines at stone and crop circles reveal certain specific angles of intersection, these being very precisely 19.471 degrees. This angle derives from the properties of the most basic Platonic solid, a triangular pyramid termed a  tetrahedron. The triangles from any two vertices to the centre of gravity form an obtuse angle of 109.471 degrees (i.e. 90deg. + 19.471 deg.).

This angle is often  seen in the structure of planets , e.g. the Red Spot on Jupiter is 19.471 degrees  below its equator. 1

One can also show that this angle is formed in the involute spiral wave together with the constant of chaos – 4.6692.  On the earth, a study of the geological structure of Easter Island shows that the summits of the three extinct volcanoes also form a triangle of 109.471 degrees…

Thus, the patterns derived from the interacting spirals evolve into the standard tetrahedral shape. Our heart and brain waves also show characteristic chaotic spiral wave patterns just like the involute spiral and Easter Island with its surrounding trapped water waves .

Is it any surprise that this island is a sacred place? Man’s form in both body and thought are resonant with the island’s shape and dynamics.

As a final observation, the same-angled triangle is also none other than the basic plan form of the world`s most expensive  aircraft – the B2 Stealth bomber!

© 2000 Jim Lyons & BSD EEG

  1. Ed note: This angle became known as ‘Bob’s Angle‘ within the EEG, named after Bob Sephton. []