Spirit Springs part 1

by Carl Huffman

Welcome to Spirit Springs in Mojave desert country, North Western Arizona.

Five years ago, I moved out here after quitting my job as a building engineer to follow my heart and create Spirit Springs Retreat—for me and my friends who visit. In that time, I have constructed my own stone circle, based on a Welsh design, by accessing my guidance through dowsing and have found that apart from being an integral part of my 1.5 acre block, in this harsh and unforgiving land, everyone who visits notices the contrasting gentleness of the place. Note that I dowsed from the start whether such a structure was appropriate for my land.

The circle also seems to keep the snakes away—well all except the Bull Snakes which eat the Rattlers, but they’re positive as far as I am concerned, and even they are now rare here as the Rattlers have all moved on. I have quite a few animals — goats, chickens and dogs all of whom are kept sweet by the circle’s influence and hey, people tell me, even I am better behaved!

In the centre of the circle is a Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) which only grow in the Mojave desert region. They were named, so it is said, by Mormon Pioneers who thought the trees looked like the Prophet Joshua waving to them with upraised arms towards the promised land. I don’t know about that, but the Joshua tree is known to cleanse the area and clean the atmosphere and it now has crystals amongst its branches to amplify that effect.

Spirit Springs sits at the base of Mount Yipton, and is about 3,300ft elevation. This means that we have very hot, dry summers, often over 100 ° C for three months in a row, but with cold nights and frosts and even snow in the winter. The area is also coming out of a 60 year drought but I have my own well behind the stone circle which produces sweet water from 360ft below, hauled up by solar power. It has never run dry, whilst others have, even in this long drought. The soil is poor but I am working on increasing its biology by incorporating more organic matter (thanks to the goats and chickens) and using a range of ‘energetic’ techniques which includes the circle. Now from my efforts to work with Nature and the Devas of this place, I have fruit trees and fresh fruit and vegetables in season such as tomatoes, melons, squash and corn.

Through dowsing I found that I have a positive vortex within the circle, and was guided to physically construct a star tetrahedron around this and the Joshua tree. The other half of the tetrahedron is beneath but not ‘physical’.
The circle has a path and 16 healing gates around it with five stones which mark the winter and summer solstices and the vernal equinoxes. The last marker is in the middle. The stones were all dowsed and when I did not have enough quartz, I used whatever I had to work with, and replaced those with quartz as I came across them.

My guidance through dowsing tells me that the whole structure works as an amplifier and transmitter with connections to the energetic earth grid. I play it ancient chants from around the world to boost its power including ‘sonic bloom’ to improve the natural fertility and energy of the place. Day-by-day these invisible methods are indeed bearing fruit.

© 2003 Carl Huffman & BSD EEG