Summary of Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress part 1

by Paul Craddock

This is the first of four articles giving a summary of various aspects of Geopathic Stress and Earth energies. It is taken from my own research and a number of other sources. Each newsletter this year will deal with one section. This edition will list the features to look for when dealing with geopathic stress and dowsing for earth energies, the following issues will deal with Symptoms and Effects, Methods of Detection and finally Solutions.

The other articles are listed here:

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Part 3 – Methods of Detection

Part 4 – Solutions


Earth energies are not fixed and can change according to the season or time of day. They can even change because of building work in some houses far away. A full moon makes the effects of underground water increase.

1. Disturbances in the Earth’s DC Magnetic Field

Caused by:
Springs in the mattress on the bed and metal in reinforced concrete at ground floor level. 2nd floor not affected.

Subterranean water, sewers and drains, caves and geographical faults.

2. Geographical Faults

Causes disturbance as above plus possible Earth energy distortion.

3. Grid/ Straight/ Ley-type Lines, Man-made or Natural

Curry Grid

Electrically charged + or – running NE, SW, SE and NW approximately 3 metres apart. Problem mostly where they cross. The Curry line consists of Positive double lines, Negative double lines and “ordinary” lines.

Hartmann Grid

Runs NS and EW approximately 1.68 metres apart, consisting of positive double lines, double negative lines and “ordinary” lines. The crossing points are where the most problems are found.

Lines in General and Unclassified Lines

The lines may become tainted with a detrimental energy if they pass through a detrimental or disturbed area such as a graveyard or quarry etc.

Each line will have a different frequency and so may only effect a person if its frequency is close enough to the person’s own frequency or to the part of their body the line is passing through.

If the line passes through a sleeping person an overload on the body part the line passes through may occur.

Lines may reverse directions between day and night. A line may latch on to an AC National Grid power line then jump back to its position when the resistance drops. That is if it hits the power cable at right angles. If it hits the power cable straight on it may simply dissipate down either side of the cable and down the pylons to earth.

Black Lines

Naturally generated but not known how, may be localised and not part of a grid. Can be straight or curved at ground level or higher up, may be evident on upper floors but not on the lower ones. There seem to be several types of black lines.

Ley Lines

Man made energy lines between standing stones and other alignments. May be a problem if tainted, in a state of disrepair or diverted from their original course.

4. Underground Water Streams

High energy and outside bands from underground water movement. Energy looks like a mist, some water gentle some out of balance. Electrical pylon can earth into ground, giving a dowsing effect of bubbling. The deeper the underground water the more effect it has. The faster the flow the greater the effect. When water suddenly changes levels the effects increase. Where underground water streams cross at 2 different levels you will get an increased effect. When a noxious Earth energy line crosses an underground stream it may taint or contaminate it.

The underground stream often dowses as a central flow with a side band either side. The side bands are often dowsed as spirals.

5. Disturbance of the Earth’s Energies

Every thing done to the earth travels in the Earth grid. Anything done to the environment can effect earth energies miles away, including building work of any kind. Also, geological faults can effect Earth energies. There is a possibility that negative earth substrata and earth tides, also have an effect but, this needs more investigation.

6. Emotions, Historical Trauma, and Ghost Recordings

Emotional energy generated from emotional events in the past often traumatic, will stay there unless it is deliberately removed or cleansed. The energy is often dowsed as a round spot on the ground but, can be left in the fabric of construction. Emotion can often come through a party wall in a house.

No actual spirit is present only a recording of the event. It is possible on rare occasions when conditions are right for the whole event to be played back like a recording on a film. When ghosts seem to have part of their legs missing it is normaly later found that the level of the floor or road has changed since the original event took place. I call these dead ghosts(!) as apposed to live ghosts who still have independent intelligence.

7. Entities and Paranormal

Entities (ghosts/spirits with independent intelligence) may be attached to the house or to any of the residents. These are what I call “live ghosts” and are spirits trapped in their etheric body and earth bound.

8. Spots & Spirals, Blind Springs, Risers, Energy Drains & Droppers

Spirals have energy flowing towards the centre or towards the periphery. They can be spiralling into the ground or out of it. In all cases although the shape of the spiral is the same, the energy effects are different. Spots are usually randomly located on their own, whereas spirals often occur in separated pairs.

A riser is normally a positive (+) pillar of energy coming out of the ground. It then forms an arc / line then turns into a dropper, (normally) back into the ground which is normally negative (-). Thus the riser and dropper normally communicate with each other. It is also possible to find a riser in the form of a vertical pillar about 5 foot high approximately, and not going anywhere and normally positive (+).

Blind springs take the form of a spiral where normally positive and negative (polarity) energy streams fuse into a third form of energy . The combination of Yin and Yang.

Energy drains are probably in most cases linked to a dropper but, further investigation is needed. They can be roughly half a mile apart in direction and can be suspended in mid air. So are not always found at ground level, they appear to be part of a natural order of things and only become a problem if they become blocked. Do not remove them only remove any blockages.

9. Energy Clouds or Fog

Only occurs in buildings, appears to be energy which is trapped by the walls or structure of the building, although it can go through walls and ceilings, usually about 10 foot wide. It is created by man-made structures that do not allow the energy to flow adequately. The cloud has no clear boundaries, shape or form, it looks like smoke or fog. Often located in halls or stairwells.

10. Schumann Waves

Naturally occurring beneficial waves generated by lightning in the ionosphere, reduced in planes or if shielded by metal or reinforced concrete.

11. Resonance

Only some people may be affected by a particular energy due to its frequency being on their particular wave length for their whole or part of their body. The frequency makes the difference not the power.

12. River-type Energy Flows

These are the Michael and Mary energy lines dowsed by Hamish Miller. Not the straight ley type lines but the the lines that flow across the county like a river1. There are two types of “river-type” lines, one positive in polarity (Michael) and the other negative in polarity (Mary). When dowsed they give an almost identical pattern to water (when no water is present) which is a central flow with a side band either side in the form of a spiral. Whilst in the central flow you can determine the polarity and direction of flow.

These positive and negative polarity “river-type” flows often meet and fuse together often in the form of a spiral. Other shapes have also been found at these points often called node points.

One or a combination of the above.

13. Radon Gas and Electromagnetic Radiation

See separate report.

© 1997 Paul Craddock & BSD EEG

  1. now usually called ‘serpent’ or ‘dragon’ lines – Ed. []