Summary of Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress – part 3

by Paul Craddock

This is the third of four articles giving a summary of various aspects of geopathic stress and earth energies. It is taken from my own research and a number of other sources. Each newsletter this year will deal with one section. This edition will deal with the methods of detection when dealing with geopathic stress and dowsing for earth energies; the next issue will deal with Solutions.

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Methods of Detection

When undertaking a survey concentrate on the beds and favourite chairs where people spend the most time. Dowse the site or a diagram. It is less hard work to dowse the diagram.

The following methods can be used to conduct a survey for geopathic stress:

A geomagnetometer to evaluate DC radiation from the Earth, dowsing on site, map dowsing, environmental observations and for subterranean water currents, field intensity measuring instruments, low frequency sound probes, neutron counters etc.

Map Dowsing

Draw plan of the house or get client to draw it for you, or obtain a large-scale OS map with house inthe middle. In all cases showing true north. Orient map to true north before starting work on it.


  • How many lines are there?
  • How many risers/ downers are there?
  • How many underground water streams are there?
  • What is affecting my client?

Check for tainting of grid- and river-type lines. Their frequency will determine which person they affect. Only dowse on energies that are affecting your client. Don’t concern yourself with other energies. Use your client’s signature to tune in and ask questions. Use colours to determine the frequencies involved.

Map Dowsing a Line

Dowse with pendulum or finger dowse. Move slowly down the edge of your plan or map vertically with your pendulum/ finger in the ‘NO’ oscillation; when you reach the correct position vertically at the edge of the plan you will get a ‘YES’ response. Go back up to fine-tune if necessary and mark the exact spot. Then do the same horizontally along the top edge of the map or plan and mark. You can then draw a line between the two dots giving you your energy line. However, it is best to ask if the lines are good or bad before drawing them in. If they are bad draw them in a dotted line where they go through the house to enable their diversion later.

Map Dowsing a River-Type Line or Underground Water Stream

Dowse slowly along the vertical outside edge of the map or plan as above in the ‘NO’ dowsing response. When you get a positive reaction stop and tune in slowly by going over it again (fine tune) and mark the exact spot (spot 1). Now move out about 1cm into the plan and slowly go up and down vertically again until you get a reaction (spot 2), then fine-tune it. Go out 1cm again in the same manner and mark spot 3. Repeat this across the plan then draw a line through all the spots to show the path of the underground stream or river-type line. By using this method we can show the possible curves and bends in the underground stream or energy feature. Repeat for other streams and ask if different streams join each other. Check the directin of flow.

Environmental Observations

The following suffer about underground water streams and negative energy:

Apple and pear trees, nut trees, plum trees, currant bushes, lilacs and sunflowers, beech trees, dogs, horses, cows, pigs, chickens and birds.

The following will prosper above underground water streams and negative energy:

Cherry trees, nectarine, peach, elderberry trees, mistletoe, fir trees, oak trees (avoid in lightning storms), cats, bees, ants, insects, bacteria and parasites. Lightning often strikes over a crossing point of underground water.

Harmful earth radiations (to humans) can affect the fabric of the building – pavements and walls may crack, plaster becomes damp and light bulbs blow for no apparent reason. Vegetables will rot when stored in cellars with harmful radiation. Jellies and jams develop mould.

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