Summary of Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress – part 4

by Paul Craddock


This is the last of four articles giving a summary of various aspects of Geopathic Stress and Earth energies. It is taken from my own research and a number of other sources. Each newsletter this year has dealt with one section. This edition will deal with the solutions to be found when dealing with geopathic stress and dowsing for earth energies.

The previous articles are listed here:

Each situation demands a different solution, depending on the exact configuration and combination of the energies present. Earth energies can be 0handled in different ways. They can be reflected or split, absorbed, blocked, diverted or transformed.

Solution 1. Move From the Affected Area

This should always be the first option. only use the following solutions when it is impossible to move from the detrimental area.

Solution 2. Use the Mind

Visualise the result you want, see below. However, the effectiveness and permanency of the results by visualisation alone are questionable, with the exception of clearing negative emotions.

Under the House

You may find earth grids. Visualise them clearing. For geographical faults visualise your self clearing and sealing them. For under ground water streams visualise them being balanced and diverted.

Inside the House

If you find a spot when dowsing that you believe contains negative emotion, that is, emotion imprinted into the fabric of the building where someone has experienced an intense negative emotional state. Visualise that spot of negative emotion as a solid object, then visualise that object breaking up  into a thousand pieces and blowing away. When you have cleared a place, you have created a vacuum, so fill it with love and light.

Above and Outside the House

Use your mind to visualise a protective shield around your house to stop negative external influences entering. Please remember, when your clients health is at risk from geopathic stress, the use of visualisation without any other correcting techniques may leave your client at risk. I have no doubt that the mind can influence earth energies but the degree of permanence is questionable.

Solution 3. Using a Diagram or Map

Energy Lines

On the diagram look at the route of a bad energy line and draw in a line to divert it from its original course through the house to rejoin it at the other side of the house. Never block a line or underground stream without first diverting it. The diverting line needs to act in a curving motion taking care not to affect neighbours etc. A doted line will indicate the original course of the bad line through the house. The bad line needs to be blocked on the diagram before placing a cross on it by rotating the pendulum above it and asking that the block be made permanent. Make sure the cross (and block) is placed both ends of the diverted line as the line direction may reverse. Quartz or flint may also be used on the diagram to block the line. Also copper wire may be used to reinforce the drawn in diverting line on the diagram. Other crystals may be used to modify the energy in the line.

Underground Water Streams

Mark the underground water streams with blue. You can dowse the quality of the water and its rate of flow to get an indication of its power and effect on people above it. If necessary harmonise water by energising it by  pointing to it on the diagram and rotating the pendulum. When rotations crease the water is energised. However, this method is questionable, does it remove the harmful effects? If so for how long? Instead I would suggest marking the path of the underground stream on the map or diagram and diverting it as you would with a line as described above.

Diagram Administration

The original becomes the file copy. A photocopy with colour is sent to the client with explanatory notes. Ask for a report back in 6 weeks of any changes in atmosphere within the house and on the residents health and temper.

Negative Substrata

In some areas of the world the substratum is negative — detrimental to the health of the people residing above it. Check with a pendulum to see if you can neutralise it. If so, focus on area of the diagram by rotating pendulum above it, energising it, then outline a circle on the Diagram which is described as an area of neutralised substrata.

Solution 4. Using Crystals & Copper On-site or Using a Diagram

Crystals & Gemstones

Garnet and Agate splits the line by 45 degrees. Quartz blocks and therefore probably splits the line. Amethyst sweetens the line. A row of crystals can stop the line. Place garnet or other blocking crystal at both ends of the line or under ground water stream to block it. Then wrap copper wire round both crystals so the wire between them acts as a diverting line. Bury the copper in the ground if required.

Copper Pipes

A copper pipe buried 2 thirds down (approximately) will divert a line underground if you need to get round an obstacle such as a road or power cable. Use a copper pipe to bring back up at the other side of the obstruction.

Copper Coils

Coils made from revolutions of thick copper wire with a spike sticking up at an angle of 45 degrees, the length of the spike and the coil need to be the same. They need to be placed as high as possible in the house for example the loft. They appear to accumulate negative energy by trapping it within the coils, so need to be washed regularly.

Solution 5. Other Methods

Energy Interrupters

Aluminium, Graphite, Quartz, Elder and Elm can be used to block the flow of energies when placed correctly. Lethbridge called these energy interrupters.


Mirrors reflect energy if placed in the right place. As does aluminium foil. Metal plates made of galvanised steel placed under the floor of the building approximately 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, placed in correct position seem to have a shielding effect. Metal sheeting connected to earth by a wire (like a lightning conductor) may also provide protection for a bed etc.


Can be used to change the wave length of energies, i.e. paint on a wall


With only one pole per side 800 to 1200 gauss.

Polarised Stones

Stones can be polarised by striking them, then laying them under or around the house to provide a barrier to detrimental radiation. See the paper written by Dr. Bruno Fricke titled “The use of polarised stones as a method of clearing houses and communities of detrimental radiation” earlier in this issue.

Recommended Solution for Quick Remedial Action for Lines and Water

Draw a quick diagram whilst on site marking the energy features, mark in the position where you have placed the physical blocks, then use a pencil to draw in the path of the diversion. This will act as a mental aid in creating a diversion mentally. So we have a physical block (the most important) and a mentally created diversion helped by the act of drawing the line. I recommend a check every 3 months. Keep the diagram in your client’s file for future reference. Remember when diverting water to divert the centre flow so your client is not effected by the outside edge bands.

Blocking Methods

Use quartz or flint. Stick with heavy-duty carpet tape or blue tack to skirting board or under carpet next to skirting board. Or drill small round indent into floor near wall, insert the crystal then tape over.

Personal Protection

It is important to create mentally by visualisation, a personal protective shield round ones self when working with energies which can be detrimental to ones health. The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Visualise the boundary for your shield surrounding your body.
  • The shield should be reflective on the outside but not the inside.
  • The shield should have a purpose, i.e. reflecting negative energies.
  • The shield should be given a time limit for its existence or keep supplying it with power to maintain it continuously.
  • Fill the gap between the shield and you with harmonious vibrations. Emotions like anger may destroy the shield.

A Final Check

Finally, it is recommended that you check your dowsing to make sure your client is now in a safe area free of detrimental radiation. This can be done with the muscle test used in Kinesiology. Kinesiology utilises the fact that when anything stresses the body it causes muscles to weaken. The person being tested holds one arm out straight either in front or to the side at an angle of between 45 and 90 degrees. with the subject keeping the arm in this position, the tester stands facing the subject and applies gentle downward pressure on the arm just above the wrist.
The person being tested attempts to anchor the arm in the initial position. Under pressure the arm either locks in position or gives way. The client is asked to stand in the area you wish to test, If when performing the test their arm gives way or offers little resistance they are still in a detrimental area. If they are in a safe area their arm will lock in position or offer a good resistance to your downward pressure.

© 1997 Paul Craddock & BSD EEG