Summary of Findings on Geopathic & Electromagnetic Field Balancing

by David Gillett & Jacui Beacon

(This paper was presented by David Gillett and Jacqui Beacon at the Christopher Bird Memorial International Seminar held at Larnaca, Cyprus, I 7th – 21st September 1997)

Growing concern and interest in earth environmental energies and the phenomenon of geopathic stress brought David Gillett, Jacqui Beacon and Peter Webb together some six years ago.  Together they have gone on to develop a unique system of environmental balancing.

Jacqui Beacon began her working career as a secondary school teacher.  She eventually became involved in teaching slow learners.  It was through this that she came across Educational Kinesiology, a system that through a series of subtle exercises known as Brain Gym assists in learning.  Owing to the improvement in the pupils’ abilities she then trained to become a professional kinesiologist using muscle testing to access information from the body as to its state of health.  Through self-testing or dowsing, she refined this to access information about places, situations both past and present either on location or from a distance.  She realised that geopathic and electromagnetic stress played a big part in the comfort or discomfort of her clients.  The switching of magnetic polarity in clients’ unstable health conditions, makes it almost impossible to anchor treatment and therapy.  She began to look for a way to harmonise clients’ living and working environments in order to facilitate the natural healing processes of the body and to eventually re-establish-normal functioning.

David Gillett came to recognise the problem from several different angles.  He was able to see and sense energy fields from an early age. He grew up on a Suffolk farm, which has been the site of civilisations at least 28,000 years when Neolithic tribes moved into Suffolk from the Thames basin looking for materials such as good flint to make their tools.  He has become a farmer and kinesiologist interested in the adverse effects of the chemical revolution on plants, animals and human health.  This is partly due to the effects of asthma from an early age and the eventual treatment by complementary therapists – a clinical kinesiologist and cranial osteopath.  From this experience his knowledge of the combined technologies has brought him to an understanding of how to balance energies in the environment.

Peter Webb, our Canadian colleague, has worked with nutrition and animal agriculture for 30 years with hands on experience in health, nutritional and behavioural abnormalities.  As a result of intensive research, he developed a system of balancing and correcting the environmental atmosphere in areas of distorted geopathic zones.  The emphasis of this system has been on creating an optimum environment for plants to grow in an agricultural setting.

Our complementary strengths and experiences have enabled us to not only detect a whole variety of different geopathic fields around people, buildings and places but also to have developed a range of products called Energy Mixing Beacons and Electromagnetic Balancer Units that help to balance distortions within those zones.  The basis for this unique technology is the understanding of how ancient peoples of the world utilised concentrated energy fields in their living environment.  We are hopeful that the recent and developing rapprochement between quantum physics and metaphysics will assist us in understanding why this is working for the people we are helping.

It is known that every molecule and atom in the human body has its own unique vibrational frequency.  In gravitation each grouping causes an interaction with differing degrees of stability when being affected by the opposite magnetic pole.  In geopathic zones the effect of these interactions causes electric and magnetic distortions on each field of collective vibration or frequency which will swing the balance of all life’s range of stability according to the tolerance level of varying immune response.  The result is to respond with ease or dis-ease.

We initially dowsed clients’ properties with dowsing rods and advised them where to move their beds and so on.  Unfortunately there was often nowhere to move the beds if adverse energy was widespread.  The only alternative was to advise people to move house.  This recommendation was received by some with alarm where this option was not open to them.  This may have been the case for a variety of reasons.  For example, where the client was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Multiple Sclerosis they did not have the energy to invest in a major move of this kind.  Some also were simply not in the financial position to make the move.

It was at this point that a sharing of knowledge about these problems brought David and Jacqui to collaborate with Peter in North America.  Here they made an extensive study of ancient systems of habitation that took into account the elements of sacredness, balance and ecology.

They found that the ancients had discovered areas of concentrated energy i.e. funnels of cosmic concentrated particles gathered from emissions from the sun and travelling through Van Allen Belt to Earth and concentrated fields of magnetic output from the core of the planet which we term pure fife force energy.  Their skill was to use quartz crystal or crystalline substance in formation with paramagnetic rock sometimes in pieces of considerable weight, together with a variety of trees to form a ‘mixing bowl’.  This formation would channel balanced energy round the contours of the land where the ancient peoples wished to grow their food and build their houses.  This, we suggest, might be the origin of Feng-Shui.

The variety of contours on the world’s surface have hidden their balancing structures.  This has made their preservation and readjustment more difficult because that variation has to be understood to be identified.  We are coming to believe that many of the straighter lines of energy, earth’s grids, ancient stone circles and pre-historic monuments are means of feeding these “mixing bowls”.

It has also become apparent that mining of the worlds minerals, the bulldozing of road and rail tracks around the world, not to mention the flattening of huge areas for agriculture and building have changed the world’s contours to a point where many forms of energy have now been let loose from these original concentrated energy points.  This requires not the banning of all mining and road building but the understanding of the balancing mechanism that can correct the new contours to the benefit of everyone’s environment.

We have touched only a small section of people around the world, harmonising their individual environments with a good proportion of success.  The mechanisms of the product  that we place in a specific strategic position, creates a motion that is first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. As a result of environmental disturbance there is a continuous switch between this clockwise and anti-clockwise motion.  In this whirlpool of movement we believe that distortions in magnetic fields in the environment can be rectified and remove the pressure from human electric and magnetic fields.  This will enable the immune system to function more effectively.

We have seen corrections of the earth’s magnetic field in private housing carried out with an independent surveyor’s equipment and also some evidence for free radicals of unstable character being neutralised by the action of the Energy Mixing Beacons.  The problem with many of these findings is that there is very little equipment that actually deals with the measurements of the subtle energies that we are obviously counteracting.  The reaction of individuals living or working in these environments has been extremely encouraging.  In many cases, insomnia, learning difficulties, nightmares, headaches and so on have considerably lessened or disappeared.

There is a train of thought that the human brain is a finely tuned instrument that can detect imbalance in the environment caused by interference on a geopsychic level.  This is the adverse resonance in a property’s atmosphere.  Is it possible that we are balancing subtle energy fields talked about by Professor Ervin Laszlo (Scientific & Medical Network Conference, “Beyond the Brain”, Cambridge 1997) which are travelling at 1000 million times the speed of light spinning in patterns in the vacuum and so appears to be instantaneous.

Let us go into a few examples of properties we have harmonised.

Case 1:

A surveyor contacted us about 2 years ago as he could not sleep well since moving into a new flat four months previously.  We had remotely harmonised his elderly parent’s home the year before and his parents felt better after our work.  He had what we term a “sand gault” – this means sand sandwiched beneath the clay of his house.  The sand becomes waterlogged owing to underground streams that find their way through the sand and these areas often meander for miles perhaps under tube lines, railway lines, electric sub-stations and so on.  Shafts of sand running horizontally from the sand gault towards the surface link with distorted magnetic fields caused by an induced current in the water below.  After placing a Sand Gault Energy Mixing Beacon ® in the distorted field, it was found by surveyor’s instruments that the magnetic distortion was corrected.  As a result our client’s sleep pattern considerably improved.

Case 2:

A judge near Dusseldorf, Germany had great difficulty sleeping and had an extremely bad sinus problem that necessitated a serious operation, the success of which could not be guaranteed.  Her home had serious geopathic, man-made microwave and electromagnetic stress problems.  We visited the property, determined the sources of the problems, geopsychically cleansed the home and placed our Energy Mixing Beacons OD.  Two weeks later the client phoned us to say that her sinuses were much better and that she was not going to have the operation.

Case 3:

We have found severe distorted fields in every home we have dowsed where the client had cancer and sometimes ME.  We made an on-site visit to a home where the son had leukemia.  After the home was harmonised he did not suffer such the degree of sickness that is usually involved in the treatment of this disease.  After the treatment he progressed well.

Case 4:

An ME case of a girl of sixteen had very positive results.  We found both geopathic and man made electromagnetic stress.  The daughter was actually making a relatively good recovery before our on-site visit.  Our harmonisation work together with placing the Energy Mixing Beacons appeared to boost this recovery further.  Following our visit her parents noted a marked increase in recovery.

With many cases of chronic ME the client does not appear to improve in health straight away after our harmonisation process.  However, the family often feels better more immediately.  We often hear the family say that they could not sleep and put that down to emotional worries but that after the harmonisation of their home their sleep and energy have improved.  We believe that in the case of clients with ME, our harmonisation work gives them a chance to recover, as their body is no longer being bombarded from the environmental stress.

Case 5:

We have found that environmental stress is also linked to learning problems and depression.  A boy of fourteen who went to an expensive public school just would not do his homework at home.  His father was also diagnosed as suffering from depression.  The source of the problem was mainly the electric substation literally next door to the front garden.  After the harmonisation took place the boy did his homework well and the father’s depression was much ameliorated.  A few weeks later both symptoms returned after a satellite dish was placed on the son’s bedroom wall.  Further harmonisation work was needed and as a result all was well with both father and son.  We have discovered that the appropriate position of a satellite dish is important to the maintenance of good health.

We have also found in our work that couples and families often seem to get on better after harmonisation work.  In fact, we have had two couples thinking of separating and are now still happily together.  Environmental stress can cause depression in people, which can obviously lead to poor relationships.  If the home is harmonised, and if the depression was triggered by the environmental stress in the home, the depression often lifts and the family operates as a unit once more.

We never claim to cure people of any dis-ease that they suffer.  Rather we put the emphasis on anchoring -the treatment they are having by creating an optimum living and working atmosphere around them.  In this respect we are very often consulted by Feng Shui practitioners in the UK and the USA as our harmonisation work complements areas not tackled by Feng Shui.

With reference to our original concept of the “Mixing Bowl”, I would like to draw your attention to references in Becker’s and Coghill’s books which discuss the earth’s magnetic field reversal.  The last reversal happened some 25,000 years ago, and apparently another is long overdue.  Is it possible that the mixing bowl mechanism first was put together out of the experience of this shift?  We believe that it is important for scientists in this field to give combined thought to this concept.

In summary, we have been advised by scientists at previous conferences, that while we are benefiting people with this process, we should keep going.  The explanation as to exactly how we are doing what we are evidently doing will catch up with our work.  However, as time goes by we find we need to understand and link with people who have been investigating these energies over a longer period of time than we have in order to establish that this process is stable in its effect and has integrity in its benefit to mankind.