The Biological Effects of Earth Radiation (part 2)

by Alf Riggs

Editors Note: This is the second part of the paper presented by Alf Riggs to the international conference held in Copenhagen University in May 1995. The subject dealt with at the conference was Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Part one appeared in the March Newsletter.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

As a result of investigating houses and workplaces with a blind test approach, I have come to the conclusion that energy depleted states loosely classified as being ME fall in the main into two classes: ME – caused as a result of being exposed to specific types of earth radiation, and an energy depleted state resulting from post viral fatigue.

ME Caused by Earth Radiation

The molecules of moving underground water interacting with the structure of the strata it is flowing through, produces a positive vertical electric field, a D/C generated magnetic field, radio frequencies ranging from 87 – 101 Mhz and ultra-shortwaves which are organised into narrow bands about 6-8 cm wide. These bands are formed on the outside edges of moving subterranean water courses, known as outside edge lines, with other lines forming across the width of the stream producing lines about the same width but with a different frequency value (recorded on my chart as high energy output lines).

If a female is sleeping and/or working above the outside edge line for a lengthy period of time, it has been my experience to find that they are suffering from what is said to be ME. If they are also immersed in A/C pulsed magnetic fields above 70 nano Tesla, this serves to speed up the development of an energy depleted state by a considerable margin. The position of the band of radiation on the body, particularly when related to the sleeping site and the type of radiation it is in combination with, will in some fair measure determine the range of symptoms associated with ME that the individual will be suffering from, as the enclosed charts will serve to indicate.

In the course of investigating more than 1,600 energy depleted state cases, I have noted that young girls can sleep above the outside edge line for many years without being affected to any marked degree – that is until they reach the age of puberty at which stage, almost without exception they go down with ME. When the outside edge line crosses both male and female bodies in a double bed, the female is always adversely affected, whereas the male suffers in only a small percentage of cases. Based on my observations – resulting from investigating over 14,000 sites – I have come to the firm conclusion that disease is, in some fair measure, a problem of location, with the fields generated from earth, and man-made sources having the ability to invade the cell, altering the values of the bio-electric systems within.

It is my contention that the ultra short waves emitted from the outside edge line interacts with oestrogen, setting up a resonance which in turn is instrumental in altering the value of specific messages sent along the mitochondrion electron chain, resulting in a deficiency of adenosine triphosphate, the main energy releasing agent in the cell. Since, from the study of biophysics, we are beginning to understand that the contents of the biological framework is motivated by highly specific electromagnetic frequencies at cell level, it is becoming apparent to me that in many diseases the problem to be addressed as a matter of priority is the state of the electric fields at cell level. It is also possible that this type of radiation may enlarge the red blood cells to a point where some would find it difficult to pass through the fine capillaries at the top of the brain stem.

After placing the bed into a neutral zone, away from the harmful earth rays and man-made radiation, individuals suffering from ME often enjoy an improved quality of life without necessarily achieving a full recovery. In order to promote an improvement to this development, one has to correct the imbalance in the value of the electric fields within the mitochondria, and this is best achieved by employing the talents of a competent, and compatible, healer. One such person who enjoys a high degree of sucess in the treatment of ME is Seka Nicolic who works in the Hale Clinic, London W1.

It is now possible to measure in precise terms the frequencies generated from the hands of a healer or anyone else for that matter.
Another type of radiation associated with energy depleted states is the so-called three banded Hartmann grid line, but only when in combination with A/C pulsed magnetic fields greater than 70nT. ( The Hartmann grid is created as a result of interaction between cosmic radiation and geomagnetic fields ).

A brain scan in one patient demonstrated there was a marked reduction of blood in the area of the brain; after being moved away from the offending radiation and, after receiving treatment from Seka Nicolic, the woman enjoyed a much improved state of health and a second brain scan revealed that the supply of blood to the brain had been increased by over 20%.

Attempting to rectify an altered state in the structure of an electric field by employing the skills of a healer, or by any other method, whilst the patient continues to be immersed in these noxious fields, is on a par with trying to treat someone who has a burnt hand whilst their hand is still in the fire. It becomes essential to place the patient to sleep and work in zones where the A/C and D/C electromagnetic background is more compatible with the requirements of the bio-electric system before any attempt of healing can usefully take place. Being a healer myself, I found it served no useful purpose to give someone a few minutes healing a week if they were going home to sleep in a disturbed zone that was instrumental in causing biological damage for the next fifty hours or so – thus it became essential to investigate the areas where the subject worked and slept.

In the Hands On Science Museum in Adelaide last August, I was able to demonstrate that there is a degree of bio-electric individuality when measuring emissions from the hands of a group of men and women. Some healers have a good record in dealing with a limited number of specific diseases but fail to improve the quality of life for people with diseases outside their ability to deal with. It is my contention that where radiation is the cause of a disease, the invading fields are often frequency specific and multi-factorial in their content. In the same way, repair to the dysfunction of electric fields at cell level would, from necessity, have to be equally precise when employing electro magnetic field therapy.

In research (not related to the study of ME), scientists used a 13000 Gauss magnet in an effort to promote enzyme production. Although they succeeded in achieving this, the technique failed to induce the production of an enzyme that was deficient. When the services of healers were used in a number of tests, it was found that those using their hands as an instrument were able to correct the deficiency without increasing other enzymes – one of the compounds successfully dealt with in this way was ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

When thinking in terms of constructing an instrument that would achieve the same results as a healer, one would need to take into consideration the fact that when measuring the emissions from their hands, it is of paramount importance to be frequency specific in real terms (not in round figures) whilst, at the same time, recording the same wave type, polarity, magnetic field strength along with the the harmonic and unharmonic values, etc. If the instrument is intended for use in dealing with energy depleted states caused by radiation, then it would be necessary to measure the output from the hands of a healer who has a proven track record in improving the quality of life for people with this particular problem.
It has been my experience to find that individuals adversely affected by the types of radiation mentioned above, tend to wake up with a serious energy depleted state, no matter how long they have slept or rested.

When this condition is caused solely as a result of viral infection such as the Epstein Barr virus, the sufferers usually wake up having had the energy depletion repaired to a useful degree during the course of the night only to find that it ebbs away during the day. There are of course some individuals on the receiving end of both Post Viral Fatigue and Earth Radiation and, in these cases, the energy depleted state is more profound.
Moving the ME sufferer away from the influence of the offending radiation and then sending them to Seka Nicolic for treatment has resulted in improving the quality of life in over 80% of cases including many long-term cases that were severely disabled. (ME is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

A/C Fields

It has been my experience to find that you cannot usefully evaluate the biological effects of A/C pulsed magnetic fields, or ambient electric fields without taking into consideration a multiplicity of other factors.
Over the years there have been many reviews carried out by official bodies dealing with claims of diseases caused by A/C fields, the main body of research being condemned as unproven based on the fact that although there was a degree of uniformity in the frequency, and magnetic field strengths associated with the cases presented, it failed to produce the same degree of uniformity in the diseases it was said to cause.

It has been my experience to find that the intermodulation effects of the above mentioned radiation commonly produces different diseases sometimes in a highly predictable manner. It is, therefore, based on my observations, necessary to take all these factors into consideration in order to arrive at a more meaningful, and informative, outcome.
Where cases of Leukaemia are associated with high A/C magnetic fields I find they are in combination with the above mentioned types of earth radiation.

I am prepared to work with any University on a blind test basis in order to prove my finding that the radiation generated by the movement of underground water, when in combination with A/C pulsed magnetic fields above the value of 70 nano Tesla, is a major contributory factor in the development of ME.

Motor Neurone Disease

In MND cases that I have come across, there have always been lines of radiation passing through the pillow area of the bed, with bands generated by underground water movement a factor in every case, these narrow bands being sometimes in combination with other types of radiation. It is thought by some researchers investigating the cause of MND that a deficiency of the enzyme Glutamate Dehydrogenase, which breaks down the level of Glutamate when it becomes excessive, could be a contributory factor in the overall equation. Tests are planned in a London Hospital this year to examine this and other theories. It is my contention that there are liable to be deficiencies related to this problem including Dopamine and this would arise from the fact that such elements would be subject to structural changes due to the action of specific types of radiation.

There are also indications that the ability of the pineal gland to synthesise Melatonin, etc. would be impaired by this type of earth ray invasion. In addition to which any reduction to the level of the biologically beneficial Schumann waves would be detrimental to the working efficiency of the pineal gland. The idea of making good such deficiencies by providing them in supplement form would, in my opinion, in the long term be doomed to failure unless the patients’ beds are moved to a neutral site. Any enzyme or hormone replaced in this way is liable to be adversely affected in the same way by the incoming noxious fields as were the original elements.

I have noted above that, in some underground streams, there was a reduced value to the field strength of the Schumann resonance. Since aircraft have been flying at a higher altitude there has been an increase in the level of sickness among aircrews; a research team in Australia found a deficiency of melatonin was common to the crews they examined. When the shortfall of the hormone was made good, the level of sickness fell back to what was considered to be normal. In a separate and unrelated enquiry into the problem it was discovered that the value of the Schumann waves diminished above 36,000 feet to a point where they could hardly be measured. When a device was placed in the aircraft cabin producing these waves at 7.83 Hz, which is said to be the most biologically beneficial frequency field strength, again the incidence of sickness fell.

It is quite clear to me from this and other evidence that the pineal gland requires the presence of these beneficial wave forms from around 7-9 Hz in order to function properly, and whilst it is practical to redress the balance by providing melatonin to air crews, it may not be possible to achieve the same results if this hormone is being subject to alteration as a result of changes brought about by specific types of radiation. (Aircraft designers are considering the merit of manufacturing Schumann waves in the passenger section of future aircraft as there is some evidence to suggest that the reduction in the value of this beneficial wave form is in some fair measure a factor in the development of jet lag).

In 1991, I inspected a house for the Naples family in Leighton Buzzard, finding some zones of geopathic stress associated with four single beds. It transpired that four children sleeping in these beds were all ill, one suffering from ME. In one bed, several lines of radiation went through the area of the pillow, and consequently the head. This was compounded by A/C pulsed fields coming from a radio close to the head end of the bed on a shelf in the next room. When asked what kind of problem this combination of earth rays would cause, I was able to answer with some confidence that it would result in promoting a broken sleep pattern, migraine type headaches and depression.

I was informed that this was correct; their young son who slept there had also lost the sight of his left eye since moving into the house. I stated, based on past experience , that I would be surprised if he failed to make a full recovery on all counts. The four beds were moved into neutral zones and some five weeks later I was given to understand that the children had made a full recovery from problems of long standing that were not responding to medical treatment.

When lines of radiation from the global grid systems cross on a bed in the area of the head, the above-mentioned symptoms, excluding blindness, are found to be standard almost without exception. Many times the occupants of such beds were found to be reduced to a point that made it difficult to hold down a job, or cope with the running of their home. Many had lost the support of partners, family and friends and were resigned to live out a miserable existence taking anti-depressants in an effort to contain the problem within manageable levels.

Some individuals were reduced to a state both physically and mentally where they had little strength or motivation to move furniture around to gain a better sleeping site; in such cases I did the moving myself. A majority of people reported worthwhile and measurable improvements within days of moving off these lines of radiation. When they told their psychoanalysts that they always felt worse when they went to bed, the general conclusion was that they were suffering from a sexually based problem. It is my contention based on observations made over many years that this is not the case.

When extra low frequencies from A/C or D/C sources invade the area of the brain there is in my opinion bound to be a biological consequence of one description or another. In physics there is no such thing as a passive interaction between two forces, and the effects at cell level of such fields are well documented. I would fully expect there to be deficiencies of brain hormones and neurotransmitters, etc., due to the effect that these fields have on the pineal gland and the apparent ability to cause changed states in the like of Melatonin, Serotonin, Dopamine and no doubt many others essential to the welfare of the bio-system.

Location of Beds

When radiation is instrumental in causing a specific deficiency due to spending lengthy periods of time in noxious fields in the area of the bed for instance, providing the individual with the missing agent in supplement form will only serve to gain at best a marginal benefit. If the person goes out to work they have a reasonable chance that the replacement will perform a useful function for part of each working day, but if the patient is incapacitated to a point where they are confined to bed most of the time then the supplement will be damaged to a degree that results in its deficiency again.

A few years ago, a local doctor sent a woman to my house with a note saying please examine this lady’s house. After dowsing the place, I found earth ray crossing points on the right hand side of a double bed and also lines going through the head area of a baby asleep in its cot, as well as disturbed sites on a single bed. It transpired that the mother slept on the disturbed side of the double bed and had been ill ever since moving into the house some twenty months before. The baby and their young son who slept in the single bed had also been weekly visitors to the doctor’s surgery and the Epping Hospital during the course of this time, each being subject to many tests and a full course of antibiotics without making any measurable improvement.
The beds were moved before I left and I heard no more until meeting the doctor in the street some two years later who said: “The house you investigated, I thought you found so much radiation there that you advised them to move because I never saw them again until last week when the husband went down with a bout of ‘flu. He told me that as soon as the beds were moved they all recovered.”

In dwellings where the geomagnetic fields were found to be grossly distorted, sometimes more than a 40,000 nT, measured over less than one metre of ground, it was common to find individuals suffering from emotional problems. Again, those going out to work or just spending most of the day away from the house fared better than those who also worked in the place, or who were confined there for various reasons. There were, of course, very often other possible contributory factors to be considered but when provision was made to deal with those, the problems still persisted.

Where reinforced concrete was used in the foundation of a building the metal grids and mesh served to distort the stability of the earth’s magnetic field to levels of more than 50,000 nT. When bedrooms were on the second floor those sleeping there were protected by this this type of field distortion conforming to the inverse square law. By the time it reached the upper floor the earth D/C field would be more or less back to normal.

In a bungalow type building, however, if reinforced concrete is employed as a base, those sleeping there will be immersed in a distorted D/C field for lengthy periods of time and there are indications from my observation that this also could be a factor particularly when in combination with other types of earth and A/C magnetic pulsed field radiation.

I also find that Radon gas can be a problem even in areas which the British Radiological Protection Board claim to be a free zone. This results when the gas is carried by underground streams. If a house is built above an underground movement of water carrying the gas and the strata below the house is porous, the gas will invade the house. Although the concentration will in these circumstances be diminished it still represents a threat to the bio-system in certain circumstances.

When searching a building for harmful radiation, I use a dowsing technique to locate earth rays, three different instruments for measuring A/C fields, a geomagnetometer to evaluate D/C radiation, as well as a device that records gamma and X-ray activity.

By taking such factors into consideration, it has been possible to improve the quality of life for a great many people. In most cases, it was possible to usefully relocate the bed in another part of the bedroom, or in another room. But in a small percentage of cases, it was necessary to advise moving to another house which I would test before they moved in..
The above represents a few of my observations made in the course of investigating buildings when seeking to locate harmful forms of radiation.

Table of Earth Rays

The following earth rays are formed into a table in descending order of hazard rating based on my experience.

  • Crossing points of the unclassified lines (Ley line group)
  • Geological fault lines
  • High energy, and outside edge bands from underground water movement
  • Crossing points of the Three banded Hartmann Net
  • Crossing points of the Curry Grid
  • A/C pulsed magnetic fields
  • Crossing points of the Two banded Hartmann Net
  • Radon gas
  • Single three banded Hartmann
  • D/C fields. Geomagnetic, and those emitted by steel structures.

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