The Biometer

by John Cuninghame

Wavelengths, being the distance between the crests of energy waves, are measured by using the Angstrom. One Angstrom represents one ten-millionth of a millimetre.  The wavelength of 6,500 Angstroms also represents 6,500 Bovis units.  The two scales cross at this level and then run at right angles to each other.  They never run parallel.  The Biometer does not measure a wavelength; it measures the quality of a vibration.  Remember that it can be good or evil. I suggest that you do not take on an evil subject until you have gained considerable experience in this field. For the first time we have a Universal Scale for measuring energies. (Ed note: Like other measurement scales, dowsing Bovis units can be highly subjective.)

Advisable to ask permission

First I should stress that it is always advisable to ask permission before dowsing. The method and the wording used is a personal choice.


The way to take a reading is to place the Biometer on a table with the scale running away from you, and then make mental or physical contact with your subject.  If the subject is a small object it may be placed at the end of the scale where indicated.  It can also be held in the left hand or visualised.  Ask your guide/spirit to show you what you want to know.  It is generally the physical, etheric or spiritual reading of the subject if it is a human being. If it is a living thing, it is usual to start with its physical condition before measuring its aura. The highest reading for a human being is 10,000 Bovis units.  Below 3,000B he is dangerously ill and below 2,000 he is dying.  The etheric range lies between 12,000 and 13,500.  Until recently the spiritual range of human beings and sacred places was though to start at 14,000B with 18,000B being the absolute tops, such as at the high altar or the centre of the labyrinth at Chartres.  All that has now changed.  I will discuss this later when I come to the millennium Biometer.

Using the right hand, start the pendulum swinging away from you in the search mode up the right edge of the scale.  As the pendulum approaches the right reading, it will start to angle to the left until it swings across the scale at right angles.  If you have gone too far it will angle back to cross over the correct reading.  With some people it will circle to the right.

Breakeven level

You will see that the figure of 6,500B represents the break-even level between deficiencies and vitalising energies, illness and well-being.  It also represents the note middle C. Notes go up and down from there at intervals of 500 Bovis units for each semitone.  Colours also have their distinctive vibrations.  The break-even line at 6,500 represents red and the other colours go up and down from there in their appointed order as in the Rainbow.

One of its most valued uses is in map dowsing.  Hold a pointer or L Rod in the left hand over the map while the right hand (or vice versa) holds the pendulum over the scale; note how the pendulum reacts as the pointer moves over the map. Low or negative reactions will be shown by Battle fields, nuclear power plants, chemical storage plants, burial grounds, prisons, old mine working, electricity generating plants and high tension lines on pylons and many other sites where black events have taken place.

All sacred places are not necessarily good

Good positive reactions will be shown for – surprise, surprise – good places.  Remember that all so-called sacred places are not necessarily good.  They may need cleansing.  To do this, hold your left hand over the place on the map, or a photograph, or visualise it and then ask if you may, can, and are allowed to cleanse it.  Then breathe in your cleansing energy, whatever it may be – I use Unconditional Love and the Christ Consciousness, which both dowse green and are almost identical – bring it down through your crown chakra and on out though your left hand.  Meanwhile your pendulum will have either been rotating in a negative manner or be over the Biometer indicating a low reading.  As the cleansing energy takes affect, the pendulum will change to positive and /or move up the scale until it reaches 10,000B in the physical range.  Check your own home out first.

Although this scale was designed to measure Bovis units, it can also be used as a one to ten or one to a hundred/thousand scale to measure anything. It can be used for comparisons, such as compatibility tests.  It can be used, as a Richter scale, for radioactivity tests, for weights, light, heat taste, smells wind strength.  In fact for anything that can be measured.

A good way to start is to ask your guiding spirit to treat the top of the scale as being the best possible reading attainable on earth for that particular subject.  Then see how the your selected object compares.

 The Millennium Biometer

The Bovis readings of spiritually awakened people and the cosmic energies coming to the earth, have now reached such a high level, that it has become very difficult to measure them on the existing Bovis Biometer.  The main difficulty is the time involved and the inability of the human mind to record and retain a large number of zeros.  They become meaningless.  The new Biometer has extended scales on both sides, which also enables very accurate readings to be taken down to 1 Bovis unit.  This is particularly useful when dealing with a sick patient, when any improvement or relapse must be immediately noted. 

However its main function is to record high readings.  To this end I have decided to record readings using superscript.  The new scales enable readings up to 1024.  (Black)  I call this 10x

Thereafter you have to extrapolate by going back to the beginning on the other side.  101, which becomes 1024. This will take you up to 1049 or 102x.  (Red) 

Extrapolate again up to 1074 or 103x,  (Orange) then to 1099 or 104x (Yellow) 

Then to 10124 or 105x  (Blue), then 10149 (Purple). 

As a guide to the readings, that of Mother Meera is 10132.

© 2001 John Cuninghame & BSD EEG