The Bull & the Echo

by Ciaran Graham

It was a beautiful dry October afternoon when I drove up the tree lined avenue of Jack Bean’s grain and sugar beet farm, some 25 miles north of Kilkenny city.

Extending to over 270 acres, the land would be considered highly productive but the same could not be said for Jack’s family over the previous 12 years. The deterioration in the family health appeared to have started after 1987, when a number of earth tremors were felt on the east coast of Ireland. Health problems included, breast cancer, depression, ovarian cysts, lack of energy, higher than normal incidences of infections.

During Jack’s initial phone call to me, I had enquired  about the health of the animals, prior to devoting the farm  entirely to tillage production. The only health problem that  Jack could recall was with a bull. “What was the problem  with the bull” I enquired. “An echo” replied Jack. He went  on to explain; the bull was kept in a small field near the yard, but there was an echo in that field, so that when the bull roared, he would immediately hear another roar. A competitor!  Bulls are not fond of competition, especially when a cow is ready to mate. So the bull would chase around the field trying to detect the location of his competitor and dispatch him on his way. Alas he searched in vain, but for every call the bull made his competitor would always respond immediately, but never showed his face, and this led it a very stressful time for the bull.  Jack had noted the bull becoming more frustrated as the years moved on, and at times it became difficult for him to concentrate on the job in hand. Mother Nature is always teaching us new things, and in this incidence we have to learn a little Bull!

I had asked Jack were there any megalithic sites in his area, standing stones, earth mounds, ring forts etc, but he said no. After introducing me to members of his family on my arrival, I asked to have a look at the local Ordinance Survey map of the area. This showed a ring fort on one of the farms adjoining his land, while the farm on the opposite side of the road was called Rathdubh or Black Fort.  So we went out to walk the yard, and the land and in particular to view the field with the echo. The land was undulating, but not hilly. This was clearly a well run enterprising farm, with a well laid out yard and a system of farm roads. So we made our way to the echo field which was by this stage a  very small section of an 85 acre field, which is large by Irish  standards. Jack brought me to the centre of what was once  the echo field, and he whistled his dog. The dog  immediately came running and started to bark! Then there  was another dog barking,  competition!  The sheep dog  barked again looking for the visitor, the visitor replied but never showed his face. I was glad the bull was no longer in that field.

The interesting aspect to the echo is that this was a flat division of land, we were not standing up against or near large buildings, walls etc, so why was the sound being transmitted back to us?

Looking around the field, I noticed a large mound of boulders in one corner.  I enquired from Jack, what was the story behind the stones. “Ah,” says Jack, “this was known as Stony Hill when I bought it, so over the years we have been clearing them off the land”. (My megalithic site!)

“Jack, I believe you have cleared this land of a large megalithic site”, I said. He was not over impressed with my observation.

His daughter Clare (15yrs) decided to join in with her piece of wisdom, “Tell him about where  the giant played with his marbles” Jack did not wish to indulge in imparting fairy tale like stories to me, but I like fairy tales, so between Clare and myself, Jack had to impart the story.

There were 4 large indentations in the 85 acre filed we were in. The largest of these would have extended to some 2 – 3 acres, circular and at least 10 metres in depth. They were in effect earth bowls.  Local folklore, says that this is were the giant played with his marbles. We got into the jeep and drove up to view the “marble holes”. I walked down into the centre of 3 of the bowls, and stood in the centre of same. It was not a pleasant experience. On all 3 occasions, I felt nauseated, my solar plexus was being twisted, my crown chakra  was being strangled. This was not a pleasant place to be.  I left feeling the worse off for entering these earth bowls.

We returned to the yard, they asked me many questions before I departed for home. I also had a lot of questions to ask my guides on this case if I was to explain the reasons for the family’s poor health history.

Jack in his innocence had cleared the land of a large configuration of megalithic stones. The echo in the field was an interesting influence and could not be ignored. What role did it play?

The giant and his marbles, folklore,  yes. They also have an influence in this story.

Stony Hill! These large granite boulders have a story to tell. What would they have looked like if we had an aerial view of their original location.

The earth tremors,  deterioration in health was noted after their presence was felt.

With the above factors in my memory, over the next couple of nights I went to bed, waiting for the insights to come and explain this puzzle.

Many will remember the old cowboy movies, when the native American Indian, would hop down off his horse and put his ear to the railway track and listen for the sound of the Iron Horse coming. On the odd occasion he would also have been seen to hop down off the horse and put his ear to the ground to try and detect any approaching sound. The ear to the ground, was never really  explained in detail and how it worked. In life, rather than Hollywood life, the Native Indian would have identified a vibrational location by sight which was sensitive to sound vibrations. In other words, a sound made some distance away from the observer and not audible, maybe transmitted along water vanes, or rock faults. The sound is absorbed vortex generated by a blind spring, absorbed by the water in that spring and in effect regenerated at other blind springs that are duly connected to the original.  Our Red Indian friend who hopped down off his horse, was in fact placing his ear immediately over such a blind spring.    Insight No. 1.

An echo is described as the rebounding of a sound signal, but  when you are in the middle of a flat plain, and there is an echo,  this theory fails to explain why the sound is rebounded. However,  if there is a rising wall of energy coming from the ground the  sound signal, could be absorbed, deflected, or rebound. In the case of our bull friend we learn that it is rebounded.

Stones influence energy in many ways, they can be like weights in a balance. Harmonising two independent forces and maintaining equilibrium. When we remove stones from the place in which they have stood for many thousands of years, we disturb an energy balance in that immediate area. We, in effect, destabilise the energy flows in that location. When Jack cleared his fields of stones to modernise his farm he left himself and his family open to harmful energies that may be transmitted through the earth. Insight No. 2.

Folklore is passed down orally over many thousands of years, and with time a certain level of romanticism creeps in. I do not know the truth about the giant and his marbles, but when such folklore refers to a particular field, some form of activity of an esoteric nature was sure to have taken place there in the past. Insight No. 3.

A farmer is normally very observant, in Jack’s case, he remembered the earth tremors, and shortly after noted the deterioration  in the family’s health. Ireland does not suffer from earth quakes like Britain,  which is reported to have upwards of 300 minor quakes per annum. What we get in Ireland is the reproduction of the sound on the movement of the rock, most audible in areas known to have a natural echo.  Insight No. 4.

Jack’s farm lies in an area that is known to have geological deposits of uranium, an unstable radio-active substance.  Insight No. 5.

The pieces of the gig saw begin to fall into place.  The reason for the onslaught of ill health on Jack’s farm is (in my view):

When Jack removed the large boulders on the farm, he destabilised the harmonic balance of earth and cosmic energy on his land. When the earth tremors of 1987 were felt, a communication channel was opened up directly with Jack’s land and Britain. This communication channel has a nasty element to it. The fault line or communication line connects his land to the nuclear site at Sellafield. The resonance of activity at Sellafield is in sympathy with the radioactive substrata on which his land lies. Certain elements of the radioactive pollutants being handled in Sellafield are being reproduced on Jack’s farm, and other land in the near vicinity. It would appear as in magnetic energy, that the weaker field of radioactive energy attracts the stronger.

This concept will be difficult for many to accept, but here is a simple test you can carry out with a friend.

Locate 2 different springs (‘A’ & ‘B’) at least 100 metres apart,  but in identifying these springs, they should have a common  communication channel, either through underground streams, or  through rock faults.

With the use of a tuning fork and a pair of divining rods, the diviner should stand immediately over spring ‘B’ waiting for the rods to react to the reception of sound from spring ‘A’.

Your assistant should strike a piece of hard wood over spring ‘A’ in the usual manner with  a tuning fork. Striking a signal note on a string instrument will also have the same effect.

The diviners rods will not react immediately as if the sound were audible over the surface, but rather more slowly when travelling through the system of earth energies.

The interesting fact about this test is that the diviner will appear to receive 2 reactions, one soon follows the original. What I call the echo effect.

Subsequent to my visit to Jacks farm, a man contacted me from Kilkenny city, with an usual form of skin complaint. He was unable to sweat. When his body would get hot, he would break out in a form of rash or red blotches. My explanation was that he had been exposed to some form of chemical poisoning, or exposure to some form of noxious energy, as the energy field on his skin had been severely damaged. The sweat glands where not able to react to the flow of water. They were in actual fact closed. But he did not work with chemicals, or in a hazardous environment.  On further questioning of the mans background, I was to learn that his parent’s farm, joined Jack Bean’s farm. His skin had been exposed to an excess of radioactive pollutants altering the energy field of the sweet glands.

When we site a factory, no account is taken of the existence of underground streams, and their influence. What has been brought to my attention in the case of Jack Bean is that the vibrational resonance produced ( pollutant energy) by a factory in Liverpool may very well be reproduced in a small village in the foot hills of North Wales or further afield, where the population may experience a higher than normal rate of terminal illness.

The cause of local health clusters are unlikely to be explained by the scientific community. The case of Jack Bean is true, only the names and location have been changed to protect the parties concerned.

Postscript from Ciaran

 I (Ed ) contacted Ciaran and asked if things had progressed since he wrote his article. His response was:

Perhaps the above article gives the impression that we are all in serious trouble, but I have moved on a lot since that incident and know the future is bright. Once we understand the cause, the origins behind the cause, then we can easily find a solution. So I would like to add the few lines below:

The underlying catalyst that allows the transmission of toxic energy in the manner described above, is Aquatic Vortex Transmission (my term to describe natural movement of energies in water). The energy that can be applied to harmonise and render benign toxic energies will also employ Aquatic Vortex Transmission. We must remember that a pollutant, is not a dead piece of material, that it is alive and that its energy field can be altered and rendered benign. Our current research into the application of Aquatic Vortex Transmission to harmonise toxic energy is very encouraging and perhaps the dawn of a new Aquatic Age has genuinely arrived.

© 2002 Ciaran Graham & BSD EEG