The Crosses We Bear

by Dr Gunther Schneck

In the EEG newsletter Volume 5 Issue 18,  Joey Korn wrote in his article ‘Dowsing and the Kabbalah Connection‘, “I discovered that every human being has two lines of energy or rays of light that intersect them wherever they go”.

For years now I have observed a similar phenomenon. Because I found it very confusing and even worrying at first,  I kept it to myself. But now, after Joey’s observations, I would like to add my own findings. There is dowsing evidence that nearly all humans live constantly with an invisible three dimensional cross consisting of energy lines.

Figure 1
A 3D cross

First I dowsed only a horizontal cross, later on I dowsed a vertical cross as well, thus forming a 3D cross. The width of the rays or lines which form the cross varied. On different days I dowsed different widths on myself. It varied also from person to person.

There are 6 different sizes of crosses according to the widths of their energy beams.

These crosses affect the bearer. The wider the bands of the energy lines the more detrimental their effects. They are our constant companions.

Bio-Resonance and its Effect on the 3D Crosses

I understood all this a bit better after I acquired a used bio-resonance machine (Biosignalmodulator 20021) with which to treat the ‘bio-electromagnetic fields of the body’2. The makers of these machines do not like the word aura! Biosignalmodulators are used in private medical practice in continental Europe. A few doctors advertise this service in the UK.

Bio-resonance treatment can be expensive. A modern Biosignalmodulator, if connected to a computer, can cost up to £7000.

By dowsing I convinced myself that the machines are indeed effective in clearing the aura of negative fields.

At the start of a bio-resonance treatment session, one has to do a preliminary procedure. A composition of many minerals, contained in a glass vial, is put into the machine to “improve the mineral energy content of the body”.  A day before doing  this preliminary procedure on myself I dowsed myself as having a Size 4 3D cross situation. After this preliminary treatment with the Biosignalmodulator I dowsed a Size 1 3D cross, the best possible size.

I repeated this procedure both on myself and others many times and the 3D cross situation was always reduced in this way to the least aggravating size 1. Later on I was able to design a simple device which did the same preliminary procedure as the Biosignalmodulator.

What are they?

I was to find out that the Size 1 cross, for example,  was in fact intimately connected with the Hartmann grid lines. A connection existed between the crosses and the earth grids. It is hard to believe but the smallest 3D cross size ( or the size achieved by the bio-resonance machine ), is formed by Hartmann lines.

The width of the prevalent horizontal Hartmann Grid was dowsed in a particular area and compared with the width of the lines forming the cross of the lowest size.

Figure 2
A 3D cross formed by lines of horizontal Hartmann Grid. Entry of lines in region of solar plexus

There are vertical and horizontal Hartmann grids (or North-South Grid or 1st Grid according to R.Schneider). The width and composition of the Hartmann Grid corresponded to the width and composition of the rays of the cross. The lines consist of a 2-3 cm  broad electromagnetic wave surrounded on both sides by lines of ions making a total width of 10 -12 cm. This width of the Hartmann lines varies with the time of day and with the weather. On rare occasions it can be much wider, e.g. when there are earth tremors or an earthquake. The Hartmann grid occurs as a global grid, the distances between lines becoming smaller with distance from the Equator. In England it is about 1.4 metres, in Southern Europe about 2.5 metres. A lot of distortion occurs in the grid caused by natural and man-made structures.

Figure 3
A 3D cross formed by vertical Hartmann Grid

Another amazing fact was discovered. The Hartmann grid lines expanded, moved and twisted to form the cross over a person.

If the person stood still then the Hartmann line was also still. If the person moved,  the line moved with the person for a while till it was taken over by the next line of the existing grid.

However distorted the Hartmann Grid was it always managed to form part of the 3D cross. As the Hartmann grid lines alternate between negative and positive the person moving was exposed to alternating Hartmann positive and negative rays forming the 3D cross. Positive and negative are accepted terms which do not mean good or bad, although both forms are considered slightly detrimental (Hartmann, Bachler, Worsch, Mettler and Preiss and others).

Figure 4
A 3D cross, size 1. Lines of horizontal Hartmann Grid extend and change with one and the same person walking.

The position of these horizontal crosses was in the region of the solar plexus Later on I dowsed that the vertical Hartmann grid also formed a vertical cross over human beings, thus justifying the expression “3D cross”. Again twisting and expanding of the vertical grid lines occurred to keep the cross intact.

The same occurred with the diagonal or Curry grid, if the person had a cross of size 2. If the person was moving the energy ley lines of the Curry grid twisted and followed in just the same way as the Hartmann grid lines.

If a person has a 3D cross of size 3, then it is formed by a diagonal grid which seems to correspond to the 3rd grid in width and behaviour as described by R. Schneider.

Then there is size 4, which also corresponds  to the fourth grid according to R.Schneider.

Sizes 5 & 6 are formed by broader diagonal grid lines. The higher the figure for the size, the more detrimental the effect.

All this is very provisional information and has to be examined thoroughly by a number of expert dowsers before final conclusions can be drawn. One feels better if a size 6 cross is changed into a size 1 cross by a bio-resonance treatment  In my case the crosses varied. Why this variation occurs and what  the causes are,  I have no idea.

Figure 5
Five people with 3D crosses, size 1. Observe extension.

The measurements of all the six different sizes of 3D crosses are approximately as follows:

1)         Size 1 corresponds to the North-South grid or Hartmann grid or First grid

A 2-3 cm electromagnetic core surrounded by an ion mantle to make a total width of 10 cms. Variations occur with the weather and the time of day. In the southern parts of England every tenth Hartmann line is a double line followed by a normal line and another double line. One double line is positive,  the other negative. The double lines in all grids are much stronger and active. Where I live in Devon the separation of grid lines on average is 1.4 metres.

2)         Size 2 corresponds to the Diagonal or Curry Grid or Second Grid

Width about 13-14 cms, variations as with North South Grid. Many dowsers claim that all the diagonal grids arise somehow from the Hartmann Grid. A double line occurs every 35th grid line, then a normal Curry line and then again a double line. These Curry grid double lines are very active and feared for their high geopathic stress. They run at an angle of 45º from North.

3)         Size 3 corresponds to a Third diagonal grid (described by R. Schneider) with a width of about 17 cms.  It repeats itself in Devon about every 300 metres and runs at an angle of about 50º from North.

4)         Size 4 corresponds to a Fourth diagonal grid (described by R. Schneider) with a width of about 21 cm. repeating itself about every 250 metres, and running at about 30º.

5)         Size 5 corresponds to a diagonal grid 27cm. wide.  Nothing else is known about it.

6)         Size 6 corresponds to a diagonal grid about 47 cm wide. Nothing else known.

The distances in the higher size grids are much wider with consequent less change in them between positive and negative.

The frequency of our planet is supposed to be 7.5 to 7.8 Hertz Schumann waves (König, Preiss). I found that measuring the frequency of persons under varying 3D crosses it was found that size 1 was nearest to the frequency of the earth. Put another way, the higher the size, the higher the frequency.

Finding one’s own cross

I find the best way is to dowse with a pendulum from left to right or right to left at the height of my solar plexus.

Some associated observations

I have come across a few people with no cross at all who I dowse at the frequency of the earth,  about 7.5 – 7.8.  In my experience, such people are very rare and maybe of an advanced  spiritual state.
I have also found that there are some powerful places of energy which affect those who go there, and the crosses they bear. For example, the tomb of Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey must be built over a very ancient energy site as is that of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. Both places reduce my personal cross to size 1 merely by my being there.
It is also noteworthy that a spiritual event such as that of Holy Communion, for me has the same effect.

A question

Has the proverb to carry one’s cross a double meaning, a deeper meaning than the conventional interpretation?
Clearly this phenomenon of the 3D cross is a fascinating subject which merits lots of further detailed investigation.


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© 2002 Gunther Schneck & BSD EEG 

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