The Cuninghame Grid

By Capt. J. A. Fergusson-Cuninghame MC

Editors note: The following was channelled to John Cuninghame by Suzanna Mckinerney on the 2nd July 1996.


The new light grid fits exactly the Hartmann Grid.
EXCEPT that it stops 15cm above ground.
There are 3 energies in each line.
They empathise with Cosmic pink/white light.
On the NS line the centre energy flows S. The two outside ones flow N.
On the EW line the centre energy flows E. The two outside ones flow W.
Biometer readings of centre energy, NS 18,500B; EW 19,500B
Biometer reading on a crossing of centre energies 22,500B!

Suggested Method of Identifying This New Grid

First find a Hartmann grid.
Dowse its energy at waist height. About 3,000B.
Then ask for the CUNINGHAME GRID. Spirit has accepted this name for it.
You should be shown the same grid pattern! With a difference.
Note that the C grid readings do not affect the H grid ones at any point..
The Hartmann grid can be moved away from it.
The new grid is present in sacred places where the H grid has been moved.
Dowse its energies.
Measure the height above ground that the new grid starts.

Further Information Required

Is it a universal grid?
Does it have roles other than releasing trapped spirits in the etheric?
Determine the effect on humans sleeping over grid crossings?
How does it affect FENG SHUI?

© 1996 Capt. John Fergusson-Cuninghame MC