The Death of Plants

by John Harvey

Our dowsing publications are filled with articles on the effect of energy lines [energy leys] on the health of humans and animals. They tell us of the headaches, blood and nervous disorders, sleeplessness and even terminal illnesses which can be caused by living and sleeping within the confines of these energies.

Unbelievers always want proof that such apparently weak and invisible energies can cause the illness or death of humans or animals. They are always ready with excuses which involve the variability of mobile organisms and explain that the subject may have been in contact with detrimental energies or substances which could be identified by scientific methods if only we could track them down. However, plants are not mobile and, if placed in contact with a detrimental energy line, will, over a period of time, show seriously damaging effects. Perhaps we dowsers should use the examples of damaged plants more often to put our claims before the disbelievers.
In this article I hope to bring to your attention some case histories and photographs which show typical energy line damage to plants. I also hope to show that, as in the case of humans and animals, stress can exacerbate any detrimental effects from energy lines.

My garden is large by modern standards. It was carved from a field about 40 years ago and has been in continuous cultivation ever since. By dowsing I have found that it lies over a prehistoric burial ground – for life stones not for bodies. For this reason it had important religious connotations and hence attracted more than its fair share of energy lines. There are 26 of them crossing, terminating or sourcing within my boundaries and all have been plotted, classified and dated over the years that I and my family have lived here.
Some of these lines are provably ‘black’, but I have been reluctant to remove or re-route any of them unless they posed a health hazard for me or my family. Having had many years to test and observe them under all sorts of conditions, I now look upon myself as an expert on energy lines.

Fig. 1

One corner of my garden is crossed by what we know as a ‘black’ line. It can give me a headache if I work there for more than a few minutes and anything planted there has to fight to survive. Photo 1 was taken there and shows a row of sunflower seedlings. The two diagonal lines represent the dowsed edges of the energy line. The plants within its boundaries never grew beyond the size shown, while those outside flowered and seeded as one would expect.

Dowsing of the energy line showed that it was, in my designation, a 373 line [Note below] and I have found in my dowsing experience that all 373 lines are positively dangerous. In this particular case the sunflower seeds started life badly. A few days after planting we had a drought which lasted for about 3 weeks and then there were only intermittent showers over an unseasonable cold spell. It was tough on the seeds but they should have survived such conditions unless there was some other inhibiting factor such as the black energy line. As you can see the effect of the weak energies was devastating.
In true scientific fashion I tried to repeat the test in the following year with another row of sunflower seeds across the same black line. They all germinated and grew well without any stunted plants! What was the difference? After sowing the weather was ideal for germination, warm and showery, so that none of them suffered from stress in a crucial stage of their lives.

Fig. 2

Having looked at the short term effect of a black line let me draw your attention to photo 2 which shows a gap in a bank of daffodils. The whole bank was planted with daffodils more than 20 years ago. Over that period I have watched the plants in this area grow smaller and smaller until they disappeared altogether. It wasn’t until I took up dowsing that I thought to investigate the patch and found that it was the route of a 373 line which terminates at the place where I took the photo. Now daffodils are very tough, the flowers will bloom every year from poor soil in the worst of weather conditions and yet we can see that, over a period of time, an invisible energy can destroy them completely. What chance have our poor, sensitive bodies when exposed to such insidious forces?
Incidentally the bunches of leaves in the foreground are snowdrops which have only been in place for 2 years.

The last photo, no. 3, shows the type of hedge damage which we often associate with the effect of black energy lines. It is, of course, long term damage and in this case was caused by a 373 line accompanied by 353 and 323 lines. They have been dated by dowsing at 350 BC, 570 BC and 1620 BC respectively. The significance of this piece of damaged hedge is that it is about 50ft to the left [west] of the present W. Kennet entrance to Avebury.

Fig. 3

It is roughly in line with the concrete posts on the opposite side of the road which mark the end of the Avenue. [Note that, in spite of popular belief, the existing entrance does not line up with the Avenue]. It seems logical that any man made energy lines would pass through the entrance of a sacred structure rather than over the banks. For this reason I believe that this gap in the hedge marks the site of the original entrance to the Great Circle and which was filled in when the new [existing] entrance was opened. There is some archaeological evidence for this theory but it is not relevant to this article.

My research on the energy lines in my garden has shown that only the 373 lines have a significant effect on plant life. At various times they have damaged apple trees, blackcurrant bushes, cabbages, beans, sweet corn, peas and anything else which may have suffered some sort of stress in its early life. In two areas I have had to divert the 373 lines to give the apples and blackcurrants a chance. Apart from the daffodils I have noticed no serious effects on flowers but as these are more often annuals which have been grown from seed in optimum conditions they have suffered little or no stress in early life.
All outdoor plants in this country are tough, they have to be to withstand the sudden changes in the British weather and the attention of well meaning gardeners but even they cannot withstand the continuous pressure of these detrimental energies. We know that the same principles apply when humans are exposed to black lines – there may be little or no effect while health is good but as soon as physical or mental stress is experienced then the black energies have a chance to make themselves felt. In some few cases it may not only be a case of stress but perhaps a genetic flaw which allows the detrimental forces to find a weak spot and encourage the onset of potentially fatal illnesses.

Note. In previous articles in our Journal [Vol. 36, no. 244, 1998 and Vol.38, no. 264, 1999] I have written about my classification and dating of energy lines. Briefly I have found that they should be designated as ‘bands’ not ‘lines’ as they consist of fine lines in bunches e.g. 3 lines, 7 lines, 3 lines representing a 373 ‘line’. It does take practice to identify each component but it can be done and other dowsers have been able to confirm my work.
Dating is fairly easy and shows that the different bands were man made at dates which are roughly reflected in their complexity: a 323 line is much older than a 333 line which in turn is older than a 343 line and so on. All appear to have once been used as routes of telepathic communication [spirit lines].

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