The Dowsers’ Oracle

Q: Can aspects of Feng-Shui be scientifically proven? Or do we have to rely on dowsing and intuition?

A: Yes, many aspects of Feng-Shui can be scientifically proven.

Feng-shui can be best described as a mix of science and art. Feng-shui came about through observations over many centuries. The question was: How do healthy, wealthy and happy people arrange their homes and living environments? What have they in common? Why are there others who always seem to struggle an uphill battle, regardless how hard they work? Of course modern hazards have been added to the lists, since feng-shui was first conceived.

One of the ‘threats’ clearly described in feng-shui is the ‘secret arrow’, issuing ‘sha chi‘ or destructive life-force. Usually a chi-flow in a building (positive as well as detrimental) is assessed with an angle dowsing rod. this still works very reliably, provide the dowser has some experience in this area. The interesting phenomenon appears where we try to measure the sha chi. Sha chi and ‘secret arrows’ actually work as a magnifier and accelerator for the 50Hz EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution that surrounds our city environment. As a result we can clearly trace and demonstrate these detrimental energies with a simple low-frequency magnetometer.

In a household, this can be shown by holding a magnetometer in front of the protruding corner in an L-shaped room or underneath an exposed beam. You will get a remarkably higher reading than the background EMF level in the room. Also square posts give four readings, a steel post being worse than a wooden one. Traffic from a T-crossing, pointing neighbouring roof-lines and a stake from your rotating clothes-line can be shown in similar ways.

Anyone doubt about the truth of feng-shui? Sorry, those times are definitely over!

(Originally published in the Dowsers Club of South Australia’s newsletter)

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