The Eclipse at Avebury

by David Sangwine

The graph shows the changes in the energy lines that were dowsed during the eclipse period, approx. an hour or so either side. The dowsing itself was none too regular, mainly because I kept bumping into people and friends who wanted a chat – there were quite a few people there at the time! My girlfriend duplicated and confirmed the findings.

The exact spot happens to be one of my favourite at Avebury, 2 metres immediately south of the two main stones in the outer circle on the south side where the “Michael and Mary” lines enter the site from the West Kennet stone row and the road from the Beckhampton direction.

 I have not tried this before, however I was aware that energy patterns are known to change – but this rapidly?  I was quite astounded by the speed and apparent recovery in the system.

The method of dowsing was using a single willow wand,  about 3mm thick by 1 metre long, used in the style of Guy Underwood, with a left-hand grip. I find this one of the most sensitive of  methods for this type of work (I also use a pendulum and single L – rod for other applications).

The dowsed earth energy lines are of the “energy ley” nature as described in the EEG encyclopaedia of terms. Throughout the exercise, the overall width of the dowsed energy remained approximately the same, bounded by the width of the two main stones at that particular point of the outer circle, the inappropriately named “devils chair” and its neighbour. (I’m guessing here on the width, but estimated at 6m wide).

An hour before the eclipse there were 12 dowsable lines between the stones, i.e. both edges and 10 lines in-between. These were experienced as 12 dips of the willow wand. The subsequent readings were not taken at regular intervals, mainly because of the number of people present, and those wanting to talk! Afterwards, the lines returned to their original state and remained like that for at least a few hours afterwards.

I am now making assumptions, but at the time of the eclipse itself, there were only 3 lines to be found, one assumption is that I was picking up the outer edges of both of the M+M lines, plus the line in the middle where they met. I have a mental picture of two broad bands of each line with no sub-divisions in-between, like there had been before.

 There were times that when I traced across the full width of the line between the stones, the number of energy lines were in the process of changing, so I got, say, 9 lines one way, then 8 when I retraced my steps! If anyone has any additional information on this subject or know of anyone who has done the same, I would love to hear their views. 

© 1999 D. Sangwine & BSD EEG