The Information Field

Edited by Dudley Wheeler


There has been some ‘letter discussion’ between various members of the British Society of Dowsers [Jim Lyons, Pauline Roberts (Australia), Bob Sephton, Billy Gawn, Jeffrey Keen, Rodney Hale, Peter Taylor and Dudley Wheeler] about the nature of the Information Field. This field is ‘just up there’ and provides the source of information for dowsers whenever they ask questions, carry out map-dowsing, or ask permission to carry on dowsing. It goes under many different names such as the Psi-field, the Akashic Record, or (for physicists) the Zero Point Energy Field. Each group relates to it in the way that seems most appropriate for them. A common term is probably not possible at this stage.

The two main issues have been :

(a)        describing the IF (Information Field)

(b)        moving towards a scientific explanation of dowsing and the IF

Jim Lyons has put forward his interesting ideas (see later), together with an overview which includes the following comments

“The main emphasis …… should be making our ideas totally compatible with the broad spectrum of sciences that have links to dowsing. ……We need to compile a total package of all the questions that need answering by doing the things we are doing, which is introducing Consciousness into the main structure of Science. If only the latter could possibly accept the MIND is universal and not local and that the total cosmos is self-organising and intelligent, that would be a big step forward”.

What is the IF?

1.         Origins

It is suggested that the IF has existed from the very beginning of the Universe, it is Universal and contains ‘blueprints’ of how the Universe should evolve. All (?) information is contained within the IF and it acts like a hologram in that the information is instantly available to everybody.

It is supposed that this information extends throughout the Universe, but we really do not know. Using photographic holograms as an analogy, there may well be a localising effect in that we may only see a small part of the whole and the resolution of ‘distant information’ is too coarse to be resolved in our minds. It all depends on how information is encoded into the IF and we (our group) have no real knowledge of this, fascinating though it may be.

We know the IF provides dowsers with the answers to questions posed in the mind, whilst dowsing with rods/pendulums or whatever. As any language can be used and ‘scaling’ of measurements (e.g. using feet, yards, metres or anything else) comes automatically from the IF, our minds must all be able to interact with the IF at the subconscious level, which then translates this basic IF coded information into our consciousness.

Jim’s view that our minds are ‘swimming in the IF’ was well received. An alternative view proposed that the IF is encoded into our genetic make-up and all other matter, but I prefer to think of it being in the space between all our atoms. The coding into our genes would still have to originate from somewhere – like the IF. In either case, a key feature is that the IF passes within us and through us and in that respect it is instantly accessible to our minds.

2.         Is on-site dowsing different to map dowsing?

Billy Gawn stresses that: “Dowsing is simply an exchange of information from the subconscious to the conscious parts of the brain in a way that we can understand”. He is forthright that whether we are dowsing on-site or map dowsing, we are accessing the same source of information. There is only one dowsing ‘map’ which is passing through us or is even perhaps embedded somewhere in our genetic structure. He argues that we cannot be accessing the ‘physical’ on-site Earth Energies whilst sitting at home with map dowsing and so both dowsing sources have to be the same. Further support comes from the fact that when on-site, dowsers ask questions of the IF and get correct answers; so the IF has to be involved even on-site.

However, others have the belief that this ‘inside’ map or IF is not the only dowsing source and on-site dowsing does involve some direct physical reaction to real radiation (subtle energies) coming from the on-site ‘target’.

Peter Taylor, an expert water and oil dowser,  made the interesting comment that in map dowsing he feels he is transferring his mind to the site in question. In other words, he is not necessarily accessing the IF within him, but transferring his mind to the remote location.  This is fascinating, because it seems to be the same technique as people use in remote viewing, as described by Professor Peter Stewart. This allows us to postulate that on-site dowsing really is picking up radiations of subtle energy from the ground, and map dowsing is as well because the mind has now travelled the IF and is now ‘on-site’ at the distant location.

Following this line of argument, we might propose that the information/answer transfer is instantaneous in all cases. However, Peter Taylor made the comment that when he map dowses relatively close locations looking for water or oil, the survey takes perhaps half-minute shorter than when dowsing some remote location (of comparable size). For him, the information transfer is not instantaneous and is longer for more distant locations. Perhaps the inverse square law applies? Or perhaps the information transfer is instantaneous, but the decoding takes longer? What do others find?


If absolutely everything is a fully active part of the IF, then this provides the simplest, most elegant solution of how we interact with the IF. It means that we don’t see objects per se, but only their quantum information and out of that we construct our own image of the world. However, if matter is completely independent of the IF, then on-site dowsing reactions could be ‘real’ and the IF just provides a means of getting answers to questions and map dowsing. But, we still have to accept that the IF contains an ‘on-site map’ and all additional information. It therefore seems to me more appropriate to follow Billy’s assertion that we are accessing the IF in all cases or types of dowsing. There is only one dowsing theory, not two covering on-site and map dowsing. Perhaps being on-site can provide a better ‘witness’ and assist in accessing the IF. 

3.         Question: Is the IF electromagnetic?

Is the IF electromagnetic? The general consensus is ‘No’, but there is the view that the electromagnetic field is derived from the IF. This is not unexpected if the IF contains the ‘blueprint’ for the Universe.

Pauline Roberts asks: “Is the IF a wave form? Does time have any meaning for the IF? Or is the IF like a matrix that carries the ‘blue print’ of all things, but leaves ‘construction’ to the ‘fields’?”

There is evidence that EMFs (electromagnetic fields such as light, heat, electric & magnetic fields) can affect the position of Earth Energy lines on the ground, which following on from the above discussion now means the representation of the ‘map’ within the IF. In other words, the resultant ground Earth Energy (EE) field is ‘reflected’ into the IF, but the EMF’s are ignored.  All the EE field maps, which arise from everything, are ‘reflected’ into the IF and this contributes to the statement that everything in the Universe is interconnected and there is a Universal consciousness. If only our electronic equipment and instrumentation could be made sensitive enough, then perhaps we could measure these interactions with the IF.

4.         Accessing the IF

There has been some discussion about accessing the IF:

There has to be a knowledge, empathy or appreciation of the subject involved in order to be able to ask the right questions. Peter Taylor uses exactly the same working procedure for map dowsing as he would for on-site dowsing. He finds this gives him a common approach and a ‘feel’ for the place. He stresses the need to have an open mind, and no preconceived answers. Confidence is important to him and he uses colour witnesses. His most important consideration is constant practice! Every day!  He finds experience is a great asset in trying to send his mind to a new location in the IF. Such comments may help explain why it is difficult to get answers to questions on subjects we don’t know anything about. We don’t know where to send our minds or get a ‘feel’! Success only comes with practice and experience.

Peter’s comments about the speed of response from the IF are noted above.

5.         Permission

Asking permission to dowse (Can I? May I? Should I?) is a highly controversial and unresolved topic. There are strong views both ways. It all comes down to what each individual feels most comfortable with. I personally believe it is quite wrong to say that,  “ you have to ask for permission”. It is an entirely personal consideration. You do what gives you the best results and peace of mind. Pauline makes the comment: “I think asking fully in tune, you’d know when it wasn’t appropriate to dowse for whatever reason i.e. permissions wouldn’t be necessary”.


Jeff Keen points out that any information field theory needs to lead to a mathematical explanation of various earth energy/on-site dowsing phenomena. He has suggested various experiments related to dowsing specific boundaries i.e. the edge of geometrical shapes, be they lines, areas, shells, spirals, circles, etc. He raises interesting questions like “What phenomena in Physics, other than interference fringes or electron orbits in molecules, gives precise boundaries or “shells”?”

Moving towards a Scientific explanation of the IF

Jim wrote an essay about how science is moving closer towards an understanding of dowsing. Part of this essay is reproduced below. It is followed by some healing aspects covered in the book entitled ‘The Field’ by Lynne McTaggart1*.

 Jim writes:

“The origins of dowsing are generally understood to derive from the late medieval period of searching for minerals and water.  Considered nevertheless the work of the devil even until recently, it has been tolerated because of its very practical areas of application. The fact that it works does not seem to have generated much scientific enquiry until well into the 20th century.  It was felt by a few pioneering investigators that, because of its efficacy, the mechanism underlying the process  should be describable in modern scientific language.  However, it must be remembered that the key element of  dowsing is not the rods, pendulum or  even  fluttering eyebrows that are really at the heart of the process, it is the mind at work!  It is not surprising then that  the first investigators received a lot of flak for their efforts!

The modern perspective

From the 1980s onwards, independent of dowsers who carried on what they were used to doing and could not care less about scientists who claimed it could not work, several key things happened.  In the world in general, the voices of those investigating other unusual effects such as `can man control the outcome of a coin tossing type experiment?` became stronger and more vociferous.  There was the rise of the New Age ideas, where consciousness was clearly a central part of the process.  In particular, the popularity of Transcendental Meditation ™  took a great leap forward with many field studies being undertaken, following all the rules of the Scientific Method. Papers were even published in Nature, the world’s premier science journal. 

In the 1990’s in the world of  Physics, the apparently tidy scene of working towards a Theory of Everything – in fact a theory of matter only, started to crumble.  Cosmologists discovered that  at extreme large distances, the force of gravity became negative! This was a real upset after 350 years of steady work trying to define what gravity really is.

The key area for our interest is that of new discoveries in Quantum Physics. Since the turn of the 20th century, the rise of the quantum world has caused dramatic philosophical changes to mankind’s view of the world of reality. It is now known that energy comes in discrete packages as the theory’s name implies. A key discovery which was no more than a hypothesis in the late 1920s relates to  what Feynman called the key experiment of Quantum Physics, namely the Double-Slit Experiment. Although basically a totally classic  experiment which demonstrates the interference between two  waves, the quantum version shows interference between two particles (their wave duality). What results from this is that when illumination of the slits is so low that individual particles can be identified, any single particle going through one slit can interfere with itself! All this implies that there is somehow a connection between particles even when separated. This fact goes against all previous  ideas related to matter which hitherto had been envisaged as  entities having individual characteristics. Experiments carried out in the 1990s have shown even more clearly the connectivity between particles that had at one time been ‘entangled’, to use the correct terminology. To date, entanglement  between clouds of gas show effectively that the properties of  billions of particles are known and behaviourally linked. One more two slit experiment carried out firstly in the 1960s embodied effectively a shielded, magnetised wire located between the slits. In principle, the particles projected through the slits (in this case – electrons) should not have been deflected  in their trajectories by the presence of the shielded magnetic field. However, it turns out that the interference pattern is still distorted but by the influence of the magnetic vector potential associated with the magnetised wire. This again was against all previous experience and took twenty years to be accepted as a fact. It implies that potentials can interact with space at the most fundamental level.  One further  advance which took place in the 1990’s was the advent of quantum teleportation. What this implies is that separated particles that have once been entangled can transmit information across space under certain conditions effectively at superluminal velocities. Again a case of total anathema to mainstream science!  What then does all this mean for the dowsing scenario?

Models  of  Dowsing

Does in fact all or any of the above have any relevance to dowsing?  The answer appears to be – very much so.  In following the tried and tested method of applying scientific principles to the understanding of dowsing, the phenomenon must yield a well defined structure with repeatable results. This requirement may well make dowsers cringe!  However, dowsing when viewed in the light of some key demands indeed has  buried within the basic physics several  very consistent parameters.

The key difference  with everyday physics is the embodiment of consciousness within the basic process.  Asking questions or declaring intent is the key to linking with either distant objects or indeed  non material concepts. The similarity between this process and  the role of the Observer in Quantum Physics is uncanny. In terms of language, this is no more than collapsing the wave functions i.e. making a choice out of a host of possible outcomes of an event.  Dowsing intuitively embodies non-locality  concepts – whatever is here is there. Distance and time are not factors of the process. This is becoming more and more evident  in the Quantum  World.  Space itself  is deemed to have structure at the quantum level. John Wheeler, the grand old man of physics described this elegantly in mathematical terms that became known as quantum foam. Like shaving cream , it is considered to be made up of a structure of bubbles that in geometrical form are made of 5- & 6- fold shapes. It is no coincidence that these are the building blocks of  Sacred Geometry, the language of Earth Energy Dowsing.  The process of non-locality that is key  to describing dowsing and quantum physics is the process of Consciousness. Only within the last decade has main stream science started to seriously consider this problem.  Key investigators such as Roger Penrose have outlined in some detail how Quantum Theory could begin to explain brain processes, long thought to be the focal point of the mind. However, if science were really to latch onto the ancient idea that Mind is all pervading and the brain is no more than a modem with some local processing, then the ideas of Holographic Universes embodying self organising properties, would begin to explain many phenomena still held at arms length. The concept of an Information Field that is accessible by those who are instructed how to interface with it, then becomes acceptable to both scientists and dowsers alike.

 If this is how it seems to be working, two further questions are raised. The first is how does the information travel in space and what form does it take?  These are precisely the questions raised by Clerk Maxwell  when developing his theory of the Electromagnetic Field.  If dowsing has links  with  EM theory then where do the similarities and indeed differences lie? To derive his equations of  the propagation of EM waves, Maxwell assumed an ether through which waves propagated by means of contiguous vortices, i.e. whirling space. From these humble mechanical beginnings, he derived an elegant set of equations which embodied both the electric and magnetic fields as well as the electrostatic and magnetic vector  potentials. While the former propagated at  the speed of light (the key prediction of hid model), the potentials showed no propagation characteristics or, if one prefers, infinite speed.  Although this troubled Maxwell, his colleagues managed to find one solution of his equations which linked the fields and potentials in such a way that the potentials fell from his equations leaving them in the form we use today.  There is however a salutary tale in this process, for if you leave the equations as Maxwell had originally derived them, then a new door opens. Dowsing has shown that the brain/mind  can happily detect the magnetic vector potential and as a result it is being hypothesised by the author that when a dowser declares intent (collapses the wave function) he re-gauges the basic laws of Electromagnetic Theory by effectively selecting the potential mode of information transfer. This gives rise to  instantaneous transfer of information, thus making time irrelevant in the equations. This condition satisfies the requirements of dowsers while offering comfort to main stream physicists.

Book: ‘The Field’ by Lynne McTaggart 

This is a very readable book and is based upon interviews and comments from scientists, who are working on the Zero Point Energy Field, with the intention of proving its existence to others. They regard it as a quantum field and not an EMF field, which follows different physical laws. A key difference being that our minds have the ability to interact with this Zero Point Energy Field.

The book makes some comments on the results of scientific investigations in relation to accessing the IF/Zero Point Energy Field, which may be of interest to readers:  

  1. Often people’s first action is to try and increase your ability to ‘resonate’ with the IF. This can be described as ‘increasing your band-width’ so that the Right (creative) side of your brain can tune into the IF. This can come through meditation, calming yourself, imagery etc.
  2. remote healing is better when there is a need
  3. best healers are those who consider everything is interconnected (e.g. by the IF), and have a strong belief they will be effective.
  4.  intense wishing is not as effective as a calm desire or statement of intent. Then ‘step back’ and allow things to happen. Imagery can help. The influence is greater if the healer can ‘relate’ to the subject.
  5. the ‘signals’ from herbs, medicines can be as effective as the actual medicines themselves.
  6. group therapy (many working together on one person) can be effective
  7. community beliefs and attitudes can influence health in the community.
  8. Sacred sites have subtle energy fields that influence random number generators away from their ‘norm’.

Further Contributions

All further contributions/thoughts/speculations will be gratefully received. Pick out any points of agreement or disagreement and let us know.

©  2002 D. H. Wheeler and BSD EEG

  1. ‘The Field’ by Lynne McTaggart, published by Harper Collins, 2001 []