The Lunar Eclipse

by David Sangwine

There are a number of wide energy bands in the cottage where Nenette and I have just moved into, in the hamlet of Wigston Parva, Leicestershire. They are all positive, not only promoting an excellent night’s sleep, but also ideal for measuring during the lunar eclipse.

Nenette and I decided the night prior to the eclipse, to examine the energy changes during this fabulous event. We both expected to be home early enough to be able to carry out a full range of readings on the energy lines. As it happened, we both were held up in traffic, but I managed it with a few minutes to spare.

The speed at which the events occurred

What I was totally unprepared for was the speed at which the following events occurred. I had carried out a simple study at Avebury during the solar eclipse of August 1999, but still was poorly prepared this time as well.

The energy line chosen for the study was a 3.9 metre wide band, which conveniently runs the length of the kitchen, with a good a view of the moon through the window. The main reason for the choice, however, was that it was inside and out of the cold!  This line, also, has an additional dowsable feature, a water line that runs roughly parallel with it, and also directly under it.

The energy line has normally 7 bands in it, but during the events of the next 2 hours or so, it totally disappeared and then reformed by the end of the eclipse. The number of bands reduced rapidly from 7 to 1, then disappeared completely for about 6 minutes at the start of the period of totality (when the moon is fully obscured). The amount of its positive nature also reduced to zero: it is normally a very positive energy line, but became totally undowsable. Interesting also, was that the line contracted to an off-centre position; to a point approximately one-third the way across its normal width.

Sequence of events

The eclipse started at 6.42 pm, with the energy falling to zero at the earliest point of totality, 7.51 pm, but interestingly they recovered during the rest of the period of totality, which ran for approximately 1 hour. Recovery progressed throughout the remainder of the eclipse, which ended at approximately 10.00 pm. Note that the energies collapsed and recovered off-centre to the timing of the period of totality. This surprised me; I had expected the symmetry of the graph to fall at the centre point of the period of totality and at not the start of it. So much for making assumptions!

The dowsable energy of the water line followed a similar reduction in width from 1.5 metres to zero during the eclipse, although it appeared to respond later than the energy line and recover more quickly. The water was presumably still there, running happily through its subterranean course, but its energy could not longer be perceived. As with the energy line, the energy from the water line fell to zero at the start of the period of totality and not at the centre point. The results of the findings are shown in the accompanying graph.

Through the period of totality, I spot-checked the energy status of a number of other items: tap water in a kitchen water filter, human aura energy, and even a tachionic glass bead collected from Dr. Gunter Schneck after his talk at Moulton last autumn. All exhibited reduced energy during the time of the eclipse, each showing differing levels of reduction, but none to a zero level. Maximum reductions recorded were as follows: the human aura energy held up the best, with a reduction to approximately 20% of its normal level, the water reduced to approximately 15% its normal level and the beads right down to approximately 5%. If these are found to be repeatable, it indicates that items above ground appear to be less susceptible to eclipse events. 

I was reminded of Billy Gawn’s classic experiment of the three stones correctly spaced according to size; their energy changing dramatically as they were brought into alignment. The eclipse is the same occurrence on a massive scale, three enormous objects in alignment affecting subtle energy in a dramatic manner. The wider implications of this are highly thought provoking!

© 2001 David Sangwine & BSD EEG