The Mystery of Chartres – a Blending of Spiritual and Earth Energies

by Professor Peter Stewart

I have attended Church services in the past and, except for a few isolated examples, I have not experienced any significant effects, either physical or spiritual. So at the outset of my investigations I asked myself the simple questions;

  • What is the purpose of a Church? Why do people go there?
  • Why are churches and Cathedrals constructed in a specific architectural form?
  • What takes place and what is the function of the ritual in a church service?

My research led me to some very deep and interesting results.

The first conclusion that I reached was that modern church rituals, having been changed over the centuries by ignorant people, appear to have lost the plot. So I decided, as a basis, to investigate the nature and dynamics of one of the most ancient and unchanged rituals, the Catholic Latin Tridentine Mass.

I was helped in my investigations by a number of very good source books. The first was ‘The Science of the Sacraments1 by Charles Leadbeater. The second was ‘The Ritual of Higher Magic2 by Furze Morrish, and the third was ‘The Psychology of Ritual’3  by Murry Hope. As a reference I took ‘The Form of Service for the Roman Catholic Tridentine Mass4 by Burns and Oates.

It soon became obvious to me that the objectives of the Mass were as follows;

(1) To purify the Place using the four elements- Fire and Air for the Censing and Holy Water and Earth(salt) in the sprinkling and the then to purify, as far as possible, the Congregation and their intentions.

(2) To raise, whip up, and enhance, by the use of theatre, music, singing and other corporate activity, the subtle energies of the congregation at the highest astral level emanating from the solar plexus by directing intent and encouraging and developing feelings of devotion and aspiration.

(3) The Presiding Priest would then manipulate and gather these energies together by throwing out the virtual ‘Net of Hephaestus’ and ‘Raise them’ to connect with and release healing energies from the source of Spiritual energies. This would then form and act as a conduit for the downward flow of the Spiritual energies which the Priest would manipulate and direct for specified healing purposes.

I wrote a 37 page report “Energy flows in the Roman Catholic Tridentine Mass5) which was summarised in the Alister Hardy Trust Newsletter ‘De Numine’6 and was considered significant and groundbreaking by a number of devout Catholics.

In 1990, with a Wrekin Trust Group, I visited Chartres Cathedral after a lecture in Paris by the Pythagorean Master – Frederic Lionel. This was on the occasion of the Students Pilgrimage in the Spring.

By good fortune the Cathedral staff had removed the chairs over the Chartres Labyrinth and a group of us were able to ‘Dance the Labyrinth’. At the end of the dance about four of us stood together over the central copper cap for some time absorbing the energies. I felt that I literally ‘glowed in the dark’ for about a fortnight afterwards as the earth energies, as a fountain, intensely flowing at that time, boosted my own bio-energetic field.

I then realised the function of the Chartres Labyrinth. It appears that the existence of the energy fount had been known since antiquity and the site was considered sacred in pre-Christian times. The Christian Church had, as always, appropriated the ancient site to stamp its authority over the ‘pagan’ Celtic religion and, in the design of the Gothic Cathedral, they had realised the value of the earth energy fount.

The Earth energy field in which we are all bathed, and by which we are all nourished as the source of life, is of the same, or of a similar frequency, to that of our solar plexus energy. I have myself extruded solar plexus energy experimentally for various purposes.

In one healing technique two healers are used. One is skilled in the manipulation of Spiritual energies and the other is skilled in the use of Earth energies. One stands at the head and the other at the feet.
In the healing process they sequentially, and alternately, send first Spiritual energy downwards through the body and then Earth Energy upwards. This is a very effective healing modality. So being bathed in powerful Earth Energies has a powerful restorative effect and increases the charge in the biophysical subtle energy field.

So the designers of the Gothic cathedral at Chartres using their esoteric knowledge reasoned as follows.

The objective of the Mass was to generate intense Solar Plexus energies to raise to the highest level (frequency)
To initiate the ‘downward’ flow of Spiritual healing energies. By the operation of that well known Cosmic Law of ’No Free Lunches’, the return flow is in direct proportion to the upward flow – Well almost.

The Pilgrims, on arrival, would be tired and worn out from their arduous pilgrimage and would be deficient in solar plexus energy. So the Cathedral was designed so that, adjacent to the West Front Door, where the pilgrims entered, would lie the Labyrinth. Indeed the Cathedral itself was designed for the ingress of Spiritual energies at the East end and Earth Energies at the West end.

The Pilgrims would then wash themselves, bathe and refresh themselves physically. In preparation for the ritual of the Mass they would then traverse the labyrinth by walking or dancing and expose themselves in a programmed way to the Earth energy fount. This would act as a restorative and charge up their energy fields so that they would be able to make a maximum contribution of energy for the use of the Priest during the Tridentine Mass. So the Labyrinth and its position had a very practical purpose in the design of the Gothic Cathedral. It was not just decorative.

The Chinese and Taoists understand and can manipulate the spectrum of energies very well and in great detail from Spiritual, or ‘Heavenly‘, down to ‘Earth’ Chi. A very good book on the subject is ‘Awaken Healing Light of the Tao7.

As regards the architecture of the Cathedral which is in the shape of a Crucifixion Cross or the Cross of Lorraine, the concept is that the virtual body of Christ-crucified overlies the physical Cathedral.

Sir George Trevelyan pointed out to me how the seven chakras of Christ are imprinted on the architectural design of the Cathedral.
The Eastern end of the Cathedral has thin vertical windows through which the Spiritual energies from the Morning Star enter the Cathedral. This is the Crown Chakra.

The Priest officiates at the High Altar and mentally controls and manipulates the progress and Ritual of the Mass. One trainee priest has described it as almost like “being at the controls of Concorde”.
This is the Brow Chakra position.

At the Throat Chakra position we have the Choir and the Pulpit from where is given the Word.

At the centre of the lofty Transept we have the Heart Chakra position -The Air Element – and often the spire is situated there to assist in the attraction of suitable healing energies of compassionate love.

The Nave or Navel (the roof being an upturned boat) is the Solar Plexus Chakra – Fire Element – or Chinese Dan Tien position. This is where the majority of the population, or the congregation, have reached in their spiritual evolution. They are the source of the energies generated by and expelled from the Solar Plexus which the Priest will use in the Ritual.

The Sacral Chakra – Water Element – is where the Font is often situated, and the West Door, through which the mass of the people enter and leave, is the Root Chakra. Originally the Higher Triplicity was separated from the lower Quaternary by a Rood Screen.

It is of interest to point out that the two towers at the West end take the place of the twin pillars Boaz and Jachin, White and Black, Sun and Moon, in early original Christian places of Worship such as that of St. Nicholas at Myra. In fact on the top of the towers at Chartres are representations of the Sun and Moon.

On my visit to Chartres on 5-6 May 1990 the Cathedral was filled with young students from Berlin, Paris, London and the United States. They were brimming over with youthful energies and the Mass for the Students, which I attended, was a very powerful affair.

I hasten to add that I am, by philosophy, a student of the ‘Sophia Perennis’ and live by the tenets of the Encircled Cross from which Christianity took its original and earliest form so that I can view the modern aspects of Christianity in its present corrupted form with some dispassion.

So what of the scientific, technical, geological and architectural aspects?

  • Chartres Cathedral is built upon a granite outcrop which extends to some depth into the earth‘s crust.
  • Such outcrops often have deep channels through which ‘juvenile water’ bearing a mixture of salts flow up toward the earth’s surface.
  • Such risings, in a blind spring, carry a range of mineral salts which geologists know are deposited in a regular pattern as an ‘aureole’ at specific and well defined radii from the central vent. This knowledge can assist in determining the positions of gold and silver veins to facilitate mineral prospecting for mining activity.
  • It is well known that Earth energy frequencies are not far distant from, and in the same part of the spectrum as, microwave energy frequencies. See Blanche Merz8.
  • The copper salts carried by the up-welling juvenile waters could have been deposited on the walls of the channel forming a natural microwave guide for the Earth energy emissions which are raised in intensity in the Spring.

As the user of a high energy electron linear accelerator, for radiographic purposes, I was intrigued to see, on the patterning at the centre of the Labyrinth, what appeared to be a glyph or representation of the structure of a Magnetron valve with its resonant cavities. Such a physical arrangement, if it existed below the surface, could perhaps control and enhance any microwave energies issuing from the vent.

I arranged with a colleague at the Daresbury National Laboratory to work out the levels of radiation at various distances out from a typical microwave source to look at the levels of radiation which would be experienced by dancers as they passed in a programmed way, determined by its form, around the labyrinth. So perhaps their exposure was well controlled?

I would dearly like to make a visit to Chartres with Billy Gawn and other cognoscenti of the Earth Energies Group in Spring 2005 -Late April to Early May to obtain a consensus of the nature of the energies and to explore what lies under the copper metal cap seal of the Labyrinth. Any physical archaeological excavations in this area of the church from the side galleries are of course strictly forbidden. I wonder what is in there?

© 2005 Professor Peter Stewart & BSD EEG

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