The Peace Network (Update)

by John Cuninghame

Since the article in the June 1999 issue of the EEG Newsletter was written, there have been some major developments, particularly in the expansion of the Alignment (see later).

The network has now spread world wide and touches in at all War Memorials. It also goes to places where decisions are made and humanity gathers, such as football grounds, prisons, hospitals, pop festivals, race meetings etc. It is so powerful, it cannot be affected by any black energies with which it comes in contact. They simply disappear or transform.

Before the arrival of the Peace Alignment, there was always a black energy line running through places where money was handled. When I enter a supermarket I always ask are there are any black lines requiring attention. The most persistent always ran down the line of pay-out tills. Now they are all gone. Any dowsers can prove this by asking to be shown the conditions before March this year and then as it is now.

In passing between War Memorials and other targeted areas, the alignment will  pass through many households. It has been made clear that any person with good intent can ‘pray’ the line into their house to assist in spiritual development and healing. All those in contact with this network will have their personal energiesraised to high levels. This will inevitably result in a increased awareness of moral issues. A few psychic people fear that this new energy will upset other good energies in place in their houses.  I am assured that this will not happen, but the choice is theirs. Its main ingredients are the Christ energy and Unconditional Love. Essentially these two seem to be one and the same thing. As I write, I am being told that my thoughts are correct.

Another affect of this energy is to prepare us for TRANSFORMATION.  That is why spirit is using this hitherto under-utilised source of great energy.  Do not underestimate the importance of this network to all humanity. Now there is a good chance that the majority of mankind will be able to transform. Even if that need does not arise, we will all be better people as a result. Should  some who read this not know what transformation involves, be assured that it does not now demand that you be taught some strange technique. Provided that your personal spiritual energy  has been raised to the necessary level and you place your trust in the right place, when the time is right it will happen without any conscious effort on your part.

It appears that crop circles are now included in the Peace Net. Strangely some major stone circles were excluded initially, as though the ancient energies were now being replaced.  The Peace Alignment has touched in at last year’s wonderful spiral Crop Circle 300 yds to the South of Stonehenge, and ignored the henge itself. This shows that the energies from previous years must remain, perhaps indefinitely, long after the visible signs have vanished. Glastonbury Tor is also out but the POP Festival was in. Please check this, Dowsers! There is a strangely shaped formation in a wheat field on Roundway Farm by the Electric Grid pylons, just North of Devizes. It has two Peace Alignments crossing in the centre. This circle is very powerful.

Page 73 In the August issue of the FIELD contains an article on crop circles. The journalists responsible for this give the  impression that the majority of crop circles are made by a few misguided individuals. Two of these admit to making ‘all’ of them. It is anticipated that they will be prosecuted by the farmers for causing malicious damage. At least they should then admit that they made very few and those are easily identified. We should support these farmers. We must remember that there is a lot of laughter and happiness on the other side.  Besides raising our vibrations and consciousness, creating these wonderful geometrical patterns gives their creators much pleasure. Any Dowser can ask.

A side affect of the Peace Net is that within a certain distance of any Peace Alignments nearly all spirits trapped within the last 2,000 years appear to have been released. Nowadays I only release spirits on Sunday mornings. Until mid-March, I was releasing countless numbers daily. Now I am getting very few, only 16 last time and they were all earth-bound from 3,000 years BC! There are some black/negative lines within this network, but they are there to balance it and do no harm, so do not try to change them.

Dimensions of the Peace Alignment – Composition of the Seven Energy Bands

  • One CENTRAL HEALING BAND (CHP).  Direction of flow and polarity alternate.
  • Two COURIER BANDS ( CoB ). One on either side, each containing 18 alternating lines of energy, all energised as above  (for more details of CoB, see below).
  • Four LEY type BANDS (LTBs ) arranged thus: One on each outside of the Peace Net.One equidistant between each CoB and the outside LTA.
Current Measurements as on 9/9/99

The HEALING BAND (HB) forms the centre of the alignment. It contains 42 individual energies which alternate in polarity and direction of flow. The centre of the HB is what you must ask for as it invariably goes to the centre of the War Memorial and is the fulcrum on which the whole alignment changes direction to go on to its next destination. Between destinations it appears to run straight.

l have recently dowsed that the outside edges of the central healing line are positive and negative respectively. They run parallel for about thirty feet and then turn in sharply towards each other.  They cross over so that the former positive side now dowses negative and vice versa, This also happens when  two lines cross. I would like to hear if this has ever beennoticed in any other form of energy alignment. The energy lines homing in on the labyrinth at Benton follow this pattern. All the energies in the Peace Alignment stop short about l6″ above the ground. When they meet a hill like SILSBURY they go up over top, not through it like the Michael line. The height of the energies in the alignment seem to go up above ground, say about the height of an average tree say 4O/50 feet,

Two COURIER BANDS (CoB) run on either side of the central Healing Band. Each CoB  contains 18 energies. Actual dowsing results vary, depending upon how many of these energies are activated. Here all 18 are activated. Polarity and direction of flow alternate. The width of the band varies between 8 and 20 feet, possibly wider. Their purpose is COMMUNICATION. The late Michael Bentine, John Bura and others apparently discovered these lines during the Dragon  project.   None of these energies touch the ground.

Each LEY TYPE BAND mentioned above contains 4 energy lines of alternate polarity, but all flowing in the same direction. They change direction at dawn and dusk. The period of no flow seems  to last about 10 minutes; longer on cloudy evenings. It would appear that the increase in width of the alignment takes place everywhere at the same time. The width of the Alignment to the smallest War Memorial is exactly the same as it is to the Cenotaph. There appears to be a daily increase of about 12″ per day. The energy reading on the Biometer at the centre of the HB is 22 thousand megaB units (mega = one million ) and rising.  Remember this is a reading of the quality of the vibration, which gives it its strength. This is probably not only the most powerful alignment in the world, but also the widest at over 1050 feet at present in Overbury.

During the 95% eclipse of the sun here, I measured various energy lines in my home and in the garden. The width of the Hartmann grid lines contracted down  to a single line of no measurable width. The over all width of the grid remains unaltered.

The width of the Healing Band in the centre of the Peace Alignment moved 7″ North and shrank from over 40 feet to about 3 inches. When the sun reappeared the energy lines all expanded again. However two days later the PA had not fully recovered its former  width of over 1,000 feet. Today, Friday, it is still only 85O feet. The 7″ shift North remains.  WHY?  I asked and have been  told that here no energies disappeared completely. I do not know what happened where there was totality.

© 1999 J. Cuninghame & BSD EEG