The Peace Network

by John Ferguson-Cuninghame

For some time I have been in touch with Elizabeth Sulivan of Benton Castle in Pembrokeshire who designed the wonderful Chartres type Labyrinth which she had built on the Lower Keep of the Castle.  As a result I asked Jan Spence to design for me, on embroidery material, a Cretan Labyrinth measuring a metre square.  The borders of the seven paths to the centre are edged with the appropriate colours, working inwards starting with red on the outside.  I placed it on the round table in the middle of our kitchen.  This is where a power centre has formed, bringing in from the garden a small blind spring with seven fissures.  When I was told that there would not be much cooking done if it remained there, I was obliged to hang it against the west wall where it appears to have retained all its magic.

This labyrinth undoubtedly played an important part in raising the energy of my cottage, which at that time registered well over 700,000 units on the Bovis Biometer.  Elizabeth Sulivan had also noticed this high energy at Benton and I was prompted to consider what use I should make of the knowledge.  I then asked my spirit for guidance.  The following morning I awoke with a clear plan in my mind.  The first phase was to connect the two labyrinths with an energy line and then I was to extend this to the Rollright Stone Circle.

Phase I

Having received permission to do this work, I drew a straight line on a large scale map joining the two labyrinths which were 125 miles apart.  I had only to direct the energy line to its destination.  I expected it to be straight as drawn on the map but had not included this in my request.  I just KNEW that it would end up at Benton.

That evening I faced West through the kitchen window, placed a pointer on the line on the map and prayed that the two labyrinths be joined together.  I marked and measured the position of the energy line that I believe I have created.  It was only about 12″ wide and contained four lines of energies all running West.  On the Biometer, the energy was very high at over 2 billion Bovis units.  I map dowsed the energy at Benton and it was the same.

Next morning I picked up the alignment outside the kitchen window.  It was about 2ft wide and ran due

West through the South end of the churchyard to the small memorial cloister, Here it did a 5-degree turn south towards the next village of Kemerton where it passed straight through the War Memorial.  Then it did a sharp right dog-leg turn and headed off towards Bredon.

I went by car to Bredon where it passed through the South end of the churchyard to an ancient 10-ft high stone signpost marking the distances to the local towns.  It exited at an angle of 30 degrees, heading for Tewkesbury.  There I followed it up the centre of the High street to the large War Memorial at the Cross.  This was next to the site of the execution block used after the Battle of Tewkesbury in the War of the Roses.  There was a sharp turn right up Church Street where it ignored the Abbey on the left, went straight through the front door of the Bell Hotel before disappearing in the direction of Hereford.

I did not know where the War Memorial was in Hereford.  So I rang Annesley Blackwood who lives nearby and asked her if she would go to it and let me know if the new alignment passed through it.  She rang me back next day to say that she had found it with her pendulum without any difficulty and it was 7 feet wide.  It is interesting to note that this memorial was built by Alfred Watkins of Ley Line fame when he was Mayor of the town in 1913.

But why all this interest in War Memorials?  This may have come about because of my previous involvement in the release of those spirits trapped in the mud of the Somme.  I asked for guidance on this and was told that the object was to collect all the energy deposited at War Memorials over the years and channel it down to the Cenotaph from where it can be sent to those who make decisions about War and Peace.

I rang Elizabeth Sulivan and told her the story so far and asked her to go to the labyrinth and look for the energy line coming in from the East.  I had a Post Card from her dated 12 March saying she had picked it up.  She had not observed it there before.

Phase 2

On Fri 12th March I drew a line connecting my Power Centre, here, with the Rollright Stone circle.  I had brought back from the famous Buddhist Stupa at Rawak in the Talakaman Desert a very powerful stone.  I believe this stone is programmed for use in telepathy.  John Harvey has described it as one of the most powerful that he has ever handled.  I used it along with prayer to form a new energy line to Rollrights.  It only took a moment for the connection to be made.  I dowsed right away that it had arrived

After picking up the line crossing the Beckford Ashton under Hill Rd and the A46.  I found it at the War Memorial in Dumbleton.  It did a dogleg turn coming out of the memorial and then headed off across country where it crossed several small roads before climbing up the escarpment onto the Cotswolds disappearing from view over the top to the north of Snowshill Manor.  It then crossed the A 44 road to Moreton-in-Marsh.  It Skirted Bourton-on-theHill before it drops down into Moreton-on-Marsh and goes through the War Memorial.

I went out on the Chipping Norton Road, the line was just off to the left of the road.  I stopped at the Four Shires Stone and found that the line ran through it.  I found three other contact points before it ended up at the Rollrights circle.  First I paid my respects to the old lady who is one of the two guardians of the circle.  This is an essential ritual when visiting sacred sites.  She was tickled pink with the powerful new arrival, as it had brought new life into the place after so many hundreds of years.  Life is the operational word.  The Benton labyrinth contains a very powerful LIFE FORCE.

Phase 3

That was to extend the line eastward from the Rollrights to connect with the Cenotaph in London.  I had the necessary maps to cover this area and drew a straight line.  I found that the line will pass near or through the following places.  Going SE from Rollrights to Heythrop, Gagingwell, Weston-on-the-Green, Fencott, Little London, Easington, Princes Risborough, Hamden House, Little Missenden, Amersham, Manley Cross, Ruislip Common, Pinner, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Brent, Wembley, Harlesden, Paddington Station, Hyde Park Comer, The Cenotaph, hopefully touching in at the Guards Chapel in Wellington Barracks which was bombed in the war.  THIS WAS MY WISH.

I had been told by Spirit to project this extension on Easter Saturday at noon precisely, It was put in position instantly but initially it was quite narrow and only vibrating at 2/3 billion B. It should be very easy to pick up from a distance with L Rods or whatever.  I would be very grateful if, as many dowsers as who can find the time, would check for the presence of what I have named the BOR-C Energy Line. (Ask for it by name pronounced Bore Sea)

As with the line to Benton it does not follow the straight line as drawn on the map but bends and changes direction at many locations.  Please contact me for more precise details as to it’s exact position as it travels from Rollright to London.

I am drawn to the following conclusions- –

  1. It appears that the human brain, with permission and guidance from a Higher Authority can project energy connecting two or more Power Centres.
  2. The route taken by the fine is dictated by that Higher Authority who will respect in some instances the wishes of the Projector.
  3. The system can be extended to all War Memorials and fields of conflict and direct those energies to places where decisions are made.

During the first week of May, because of the deteriorating world situation, I projected a considerable number of new alignments.  I give a brief resume of these below.

First I extended the Peace Alignment (P.A.) from the Cenotaph into the Palace of Westminster.  I then covered the mainland with a considerable number of main artery P.A.s which will spread out to form a network across the country eventually linking all war Memorials.  This can be hastened if individuals ask in prayer for their local war memorial to be linked in.

P.A.s have been sent across the water to NATO in Brussels and on to Belgrade and Pristina.  Also to Belfast and Dublin, to Boston and Washington.  A considerable number of other P.A.s will have been sent to other countries by the time you will have read this.  Everyone can increase the power of these lines by pouring Unconditional Love into them.

© 1999 John Ferguson-Cuninghame & BSD EEG