The Power of the Labyrinth

by Billy Gawn

Early in October last year I had the pleasure of being the guest of Elizabeth Sulivan at Castle Benton, near Milford Haven, South Wales.  The purpose was for me to have another look at the wonderful labyrinth that she had constructed on the lawn at the rear of the Castle.  An article by Sig Lonegren on the labyrinth was published in issue 10 of the Newsletter.  My visit was to look at other aspects of the energies associated with the labyrinth.

Elizabeth is of the opinion, one formed through her dowsing experiences since the labyrinth was constructed, that it has some healing abilities.  She has used the energies within the labyrinth to prepare homeopathic pills, which have been successful in the treatment of some cases of illness in both humans and animals.

What I did was to carry out some experiments using objects and observe as to whether any energy structural changes took place in the energy fields of those objects after they were placed for a short time at the centre of the labyrinth.  The objects that I used were small field stones a few inches across.

I dowsed for and measured the extent of the aura or basic energy field around the stone with them placed outside the labyrinth.  I checked for lines of energy within this basic field and noted the form and number of those that dowsed as detrimental. (See sketch) Then I carried these in turn and placed them for a few moments at the centre of the labyrinth before carrying them back out again. (It is worth noting that there is a blind spring directly beneath the centre.  If we refer to the June 98 article in the paragraph “Draw me some Water Please”; it is recorded that when the labyrinth was first constructed no blind spring was known to be within the site where it was built.  This was observed to have moved into place at a later date.) I then placed them in approximately the same location outside the labyrinth, as they were when I first dowsed the energy field around them.  The basic energy field was found to be more than twice the diameter and the lines of detrimental energy had retracted inside the stone in all cases.

On following the outside edge of the basic energy field of the stones I found that there now was a pathway or line of energy that weaved its way into the labyrinth and to its centre.  Further checks were carried out with the stones moved further away and even at about 100 yards distant this line of energy still connected back to the labyrinth.  What I also found was that when any of these small stones were placed on top of another stone, the energy structure of that stone was altered permanently in a similar way.  By that I mean that the basic energy field was enlarged and the detrimental elements suppressed and remained that way.  It does not mean that the energy field remains constant in size.  The daily fluctuations that can be observed in any display of energy, due to the influences of the movement of the earth and its relationship to the sun, moon etc, still occurs.  In fact these become more noticeable.

I brought one of these small stones home with me and have continued to check its energy field for size and structure at intervals since then.  The enhanced size of the basic field has persisted to date.  However there has been a slight change in the detrimental energy lines.  Whilst they still continue to terminate within the stone the lines form a short loop outside the stone before returning to it. (See sketch)

I also found that it, this small stone, was, and still is, able  to change the structure and size of the energy fields of other small objects that it came in contact with.  This change also appears to be permanent.

From this it is possibly reasonable to suggest that changes would take place in the energy structure of sugar pills when placed at locations within the labyrinth and that when the patient takes these pills their energy structure is also altered.  The method used by Elizabeth is to dowse for positions within the labyrinth relating to a specific patient.  Usually four or five different places are indicated.  The bottle of pills are placed on these positions in turn for a few minutes and then finally at the centre.  This way they absorb the energies appropriate to the patient.  The dosage and period of treatment is then dowsed for.

Following on from this I looked at what caused these changes to take place and what made them permanent.  Most of us are aware of the changes that take place in the size of the human aura when standing on certain locations where the quality of the energy varies.  One instance of this may be over the edge lines of underground water where generally a significant contraction takes place.  However immediately on moving to another location the aura expands to what is considered “normal” or in other places is expanded.  Therefore it is seen from this that more than one circumstance is necessary if the change is to be made permanent.

Let us look at the labyrinth and see what circumstances prevail within it.

  1. Its shape, the hidden geometry.
  2. Underground water.  There is the blind spring mentioned above.  Also there is an underground stream that feeds the blind spring.  This is deep and wide and I believe flowed through beneath the Castle and the labyrinth site for many years.

As stated above, when a person or an object is directly over the edge lines of an underground stream where the water in the stream has come from a blind spring, an ascending source, the aura or energy field contracts.  Where the stream is wide enough that the person or object is able to be directly over the centre i.e. the water, without touching the edge lines, the aura or energy field is enhanced and increases in size.

My first experiment was to place a small stone on the ground away from any streams of underground water and measure the width of the energy field, it was about three feet across.  Next I placed it over the centre of an underground strewn of water and again measured the width.  It was then fourteen feet across.  When I moved it back to the first position the energy field returned to three feet across.  I repeated the experiment but when the stone was over the underground stream, I succussed it by hitting it once with another stone.  Then when it was moved back to the first position the size of the energy field remained fixed at the larger size.

I have not got a labyrinth at home but I have a small paved area that is in the shape of a pentagon, it has five sides of equal length.  This shape incorporates the Golden Mean ratio in that the length of the base multiplied by 1.618 is equal to the distance between the two points at the shoulders of the pentagon.

As with the labyrinth at Castle Benton, when it was constructed there were no blind springs in the area of the pentagon.  Now there is a smallish one almost at the centre point.  I placed a stone at this centre point and observed that its energy field increased in size as it had over the stream of water.  I then placed it outside the pentagon and found the change that had taken place appeared permanent in that it remained enlarged over a period of time.  This would suggest that the unique geometry of the pentagon had the same affect as the succussion of the stone.  In the case of the labyrinth the same situation must apply although here the geometry is more obscure.


Also, if we say:
F-D=127.2 (square root of 161.8)


After further experiments with these altered stones, I found that, as with the stones placed within the labyrinth, they had the ability to pass this on to other objects and that the change seemed permanent without succussing.  This occurred as soon as the other object came within the influence of the extended energy field and that contact between the objects was not necessary.  However in the case of the labyrinth and pentagon, to bring about a change the object had to be inside the perimeter area and over the centre where the water now is.  This would indicate that the geometry of the pentagon and the labyrinth has the effect of keeping the influence within its shape and concentrating the energy at the centre.  Is it this concentration of energy that causes a blind spring to appear?

In carrying out such experiments it is essential that the dowser has no interest in any particular result but takes the answers as they are presented without any forethought or concern about the outcome.  It can be demonstrated that the mind, using projected thought, can alter the size and structure of energy fields in a similar way to what I have described.  Also that these changes can be made permanent simply by asking.  This begs the question, “is it all a matter of thought with intent?” This is a big discussion point between many dowsers.  My opinion is that the answer is both yes and no.  I will explain what I mean.

What happens when we create a thought?  They are electric impulses that occur within the brain that causes movement of energy.  This energy extends outside the body but can be directed by us through intent.  It is this that causes changes to occur in the energy fieldsof other objects, not the thought itself In the case of objects such as stones, it is not the stone that brings about the change, it is the energy field around it.  In both cases it is the presence of energy and its interaction with other energy fields that matters, the object or thought is irrelevant.  However in the case of thought, through the use of intent, the energy can be directed in a more precise manner and in the form that is most useful to the situation than by using objects as the energy generator.  Also it is more convenient and easy to use and needs less muscle power than moving heavy objects into precise locations.

However at the end of the day the choice is ours.  Both methods i.e. physical and spiritual, incorporating such things as geomancy, feng shui and spiritual enlightenment are equally valid and will work in that they both can change energy structures in specific ways.  It is through developing knowledge and skill that we can be more precise in the way that the changes occur and ensure they are for the common good.

© 1999 W A Gawn & BSD EEG