The Psi-Field and the Potential of Dowsing (letter)

a response by Terry Ross

Dear Dudley,

Thanks so much for your nice, interesting letter of the 20th here in 4 days, not bad!

To begin, I don’t see any error in your ways, as you so modestly commence your analysis, which I certainly welcome; and there can be nothing to knock down or discard or replaced, because the fact is we are all seeking the heart of the labyrinth that is dowsing, with the good news being that at least we are inside it, the bad news being that none of us — so far as I know — has found the center.

Taking up your nine headings in the order you present them, I’ll try and respond to them as best I can.  The Psi-Field is a nice catch-all metaphor for what goes in our avocation, and I have no difficulty in agreeing with what you say in the second paragraph of that section, including the suggestion it can be viewed in a spiritual context.

Under “Tuning into the Psi-Field”, I might push the envelope a bit and say that no controlled movements are needed to engage a field anywhere in space-time.  This concept would render the potential of dowsing as limitless!  But I believe it is.  In the second paragraph I concur with your statement that a beneficial mental application can at once alter a physical effect, albeit my inclination is to believe that the field generated by mental effort overrides or entrains that of the cherished target, which in turn results in a change in the physical effect.  I hope I’m not being too captious, and only seek to preserve the concept of the interaction of separate fields.  It also seems possible to explain the “dowsing accountant” discussed in the third paragraph with the suggestion that immaterial targets have their own type of rarified field.  The variety of fields seems to support Gordon’s response to his specific requests, whereas all others brought him no response.

Health Considerations is a most interesting discussion.  I agree the mind doesn’t do it alone, but its focus generates the field that resonates or entrains with the field that is to be made whole, i.e. brought into balance with the field of its archetype.  To the second paragraph I would add the thought that hearings can be brought about despite the total lack of awareness of the patient.  Repeated hearings of those in Intensive Care Units, and comatose, bear witness to this fact.

Can dowsing foretell the future? I must, alas, stimulate in my view a “Yes” answer.  I reason that if the universe is a thought, then past, present, future must all have been pre-figured by the thinker.  It does not worry me that this might be so, because in the daily round I have choice after choice, and that the results might be “known” does not weigh heavily on me.  In fact, when excellent dowsers like Billy and Gordon tell their clients “…and this flow will be everlasting,”, or conversely that it will be seasonal in nature, they are exercising prophetic power.  Many dowsers have pushed this power to more mundane heights, in which case I recommend May I? Can I? Should I? as a safety net.

Potential of Dowsing seems nicely covered by your opening sentence “All Psi-Fields interact with one another”.  I like to simplify what we do by calling it Far-Seeing, and Far-Doing, and theoretically I can see no limit.  The only constraint is one’s inability to bestir what we call mind to focus on the psi-field of choice.  The potential, thus, would ultimately be cooperation and even co-creation with nature.  As you point out, dowsers have been doing this for years.  No diversion of rock-based water veins can be accomplished without a completely new channel formed, and this translates to atomic alteration.  In healing it is quite possible we have been doing gene therapy, also for years. (At $300 for laser verification of a single gene, and there are many involved at a given cancer site, for example, it will be a long, hot summer before this can be proven; in the meantime the absence of cancer cells and recovery of a patient are enough).

Moral issues in a slow but positive way are being limned by dowsing modality itself.  There seems to be an element of fail-safety in it.  One simply labors at the art if one carries a burden of an off-beat attitude.  The more positive, altruistic, and truthful the dowse, the more efficient the psi-field, and the happier the results.  There are exceptions to this, but they have no place in this letter.

Is there a Universal wisdom out there in the Psi-Field? is, for me, impossible to deny.  To recognize the psi-field is the beginning of wisdom, to work with it is meet, right, and our bounden duty.  Those who can do this in a wholesome way have their own reward, as do those who cannot.  The important thing is to try, to take action, and persevere.

Influencing Minds: Forces for Good and Evil is to me a non-starter.  Those who try it, using psi-fields, have sad and relatively rapid endings.  By the way, I don’t see the parking spaces as the result of someone’s being influenced to leave the location vacant, as the ‘flow’ and inter-connection of psi-fields becoming personalized by the ‘lucky’ driver, a sort of brevet for good behavior and good action.

What do we want to do with dowsing? — it’s like discovering free energy; you put I unit in, and get 10 back!  It’s an unfolding experience — I want everyone to know it who will.

Here’s hoping this isn’t too wordy, and is of some interest.  I value your letter, and thank you for it.

My very best,