The Psi-Field and the Potential of Dowsing

by Dudley Wheeler


            Recently, Terry Ross1 wrote that “The real thrust of our work, part factual and part theoretical, must be toward an acceptable definition of dowsing and its potential”.  It is with the potential of dowsing in mind that the following comments and speculations have been written, with the hope that others will see the errors of my ways and contribute their own thoughts and experience.

The Psi-Field

            In his book ‘The Whispering Pond’ (1996), Ervin Laszlo proposed the existence of a fifth field of physics (in addition to electromagnetism, gravity and the strong and weak nuclear forces), which he called the ‘Psi-Field’. In current scientific terminology, the field is described as a vacuum-based zeropoint holofield. He used this field as a way of accounting for existing scientific anomalies, besides the unexplained para-normal effects such as dowsing. Rather than invent some new field of my own or use those proposed by others e.g. Universal Mind, Creative Light or Cosmic Consciousness, I will use the Psi-Field as my term of reference, and infer the field’s nature, as required by dowsing.

            Everything is considered to produce its own Psi-Field, which interacts with all the other Psi-Fields in the Universe. This cosmic Psi-Field has been in existence since the beginning of time and is a natural phenomenon rather than something that is derived from outside the Universe. But for those more comfortable with spiritual beliefs (of which I am one), the field can be viewed as being divinely inspired or imprinted with fundamental truths relevant for living beings, for example, the existence of a supreme creator of the Universe.

Tuning into the Psi-Field

            Dowsers use their minds to help ‘tune in’ to the mini Psi-Fields of objects and/or the information encoded with them. Dowsers are not concerned with ‘high energy’ effects like levitation or moving objects without touching them, although the forceful reactions of Y-rods2 at times appear to have considerable ‘independent’ energy associated with them. A dowser interprets the gentler reactions of the angle-rods and pendulums as providing ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers to their questions. By acquiring more experience or developing an innate skill, a dowser can perform accurately without the use of rods, simply by using other muscular movements such as blinking3, nodding the head4, crossing fingers5 or just through visualisations within the mind6.

            A Psi-Field created by thought in the mind is far stronger than most ‘physical’ inputs (e.g. a water stream) and can over-ride them. This can obviously lead to doubts and errors whilst dowsing. An example of a beneficial mental application replacing a physical effect is the diversion of detrimental energy lines harbouring geopathic stress by a mental request or prayer instead of using steel bars or crystals. A different type of mind effect is the clearing of 90 years worth of detrimental thoughts and emotions around a sacred site7. In this latter case, it is interesting that a single person’s, strong mental intent overcame the unconscious thoughts and emotions of many other people built up over such a long period of time.

            Computation, or some form of processing capability, appears to be accessible in the Psi-Field. A typical example is the finding of errors in an accounts ledger by dowsing for them5. Not only does the written language have to be understood by the Psi-Field, but also the arithmetic logic which gives rise to the error. Such examples can be more readily understood if it is assumed that the dowsing accountant has in fact observed the error in the past, but failed to recognise it consciously. It becomes more difficult to use this type of explanation when dealing with facts unknown to the dowser e.g. the quality and volume of an underground stream of water, which he could not estimate even if he saw it.

            Some dowsing results are constrained by the ability of the dowser to keep asking appropriate questions. Each question can only contain certain criteria, but the responses are very selective and specific e.g. Gordon Wright8 (WMD) in Rhodesia only found the specific water quantity he asked for; but kept finding more later when he asked for different quantities.

[What does computation or selectivity infer about the Psi-Field ?]

Health Considerations

            Much has been written about dowsers’ ability to improve the health not only of other humans, but plants, trees and other features of the earth. Healing consists of two parts. The removal of the cause and the act of providing some remedy to overcome the harmful effects. Eliminating the cause may involve such things as the removal of lines of geopathic stress by steel posts, standing stones or thoughts/prayers. To overcome the residual effects, the thought transmission of colours has been used with success9. Such healing is considered to operate through the mind. The mind does not do it alone, but through the medium of the Psi-Field. The well known healer Matthew Manning has stated very positively that he is personally not contributing to the healing, but believes that he is simply acting as a channel to some outside agency.

            Linking to the patient’s Psi-Field by the dowser/tuner is required for healing. Good health can be likened to a pleasant tune; with illness affecting the tune and playing some wrong notes. Thought remedies or homeopathic remedies need not act on the physical body, but resonate with or imprint themselves on the person’s aura (Psi-Field ) to emphasise the correct notes and diminish the bad ones. Such remedies may well be more successful when the recipient is aware of the donor’s participation, so that their (donor’s) thoughts are present to assist in directing the healing flow into their Psi-Field, rather than the patient being totally unaware of any healing intent.

Can dowsing foretell the future?

            To be honest, I don’t want dowsing to be able to foretell the future. This would seem to remove our element of free will and condemn us to be no more than robots dancing to someone else’s tune. The Psi-Field is a natural phenomenon and from this standpoint foretelling the future ought not to be possible. I will accept that certain events are already underway and when they finally arrive, people claim to have foretold the future. For example, someone may have declared an intent to phone me tomorrow. In the meantime I dowse that this person is going to contact me, and then it happens.

            In the odd world of quantum physics, it could be that when dowsing for the future, we are dowsing all the possibilities and alighting on the statistically most likely outcome, although it is not certain. At any time, some new factor could come along and upset the balance of probabilities, thus changing the dowsed outcome.

Potential of Dowsing

            All Psi-Fields interact with one another. The potential of dowsing is limited primarily by how big a channel can be opened up between the human mind and the Psi-Field. The stronger the connection, the more able the person is to ‘surf the Psi-Field’ and gain different experiences or information, and change things e.g. the course of a water stream, even at a remote distance.  Dowsers interact with the Psi-Field in one way, whilst other para-normal effects may arise from another type of interaction. There are no strict demarcations of a dowsers ability, except those put forward by the dowsers themselves. There is a continuum of improved ability rather than a step-wise progression. So, where is this continuum leading us dowsers?

            The results of dowsing all seem to relate to aspects of physical objects, the health of living things and the wave thoughts/emotions of human beings, together with all their encoded information. In other words, the results relate to natural events in the past or present, involving physical matter (including the projection of thought waves). There is not much evidence that dowsers initiate Newtonian type forces to act on physical objects to move them, although possible contenders are changing the course of underground water streams and the movement of Y- or L- shaped rods and pendulums. I do not expect dowsers to be able to perform miracles like changing water into wine or iron into gold. If they are involving their minds and the Psi-Field, then they are staying within the realms of natural science, wherever this may go.

            The potential of dowsing lies in improving our contact with the Psi-Field, which will lead to :  

     (i) social and economic benefits

    (ii) getting closer to nature

            The social and economic benefits can come from such things as new information from the past, mineral discoveries and improving people’s health. These results continue the current pattern of achievements, but apart from a few, the skill level of dowsers still seems a long way off their being regarded as professional, except for those finding supplies of water. This raises the question of what can be done to raise standards of performance and what will persuade the ‘Establishment’ to treat dowsing seriously. These are important issues, but will have to be discussed at another time.

            As we get more attuned to the Psi-Field, we will become more aware of all the contributors to the Psi-Field, which includes nature itself. This improved sensitivity and understanding should bring about a better sense of working together. Unfortunately, this may be more a hope than reality, as man’s greed and record of exploitation of nature does not augur well for the future.

Moral Issues

For some, it would be considered very beneficial if dowsing could lead to an improvement in the moral aspects of life like justice, caring, charity and love. Quite how this could come about is not clear. It is easy enough to ask the Psi-Field what moral action should be taken in certain situations and answers will be provided. But I feel that these answers can only be a reflection of yourself, and you are both morally and spiritually stronger if you can take morally correct actions without the need of some ‘mirror’ to produce the answers.

Is there a Universal wisdom out there in the Psi-Field?

            All history is recorded in the Psi-Field, so it contains a hotchpotch of good and bad wisdom. But, if you had the opportunity, what questions would you like to be answered? Rupert Sheldrake10 has put forward evidence supporting the view that the more knowledge or habit is used, the more readily others learn it or find it out for themselves. This supports the view that the more evil thoughts there are around, the more people will be led into evil ways, and vice-versa. Just as in dowsing, it becomes a self fulfilling system. What is not obvious is whether such thoughts in the major Psi-Field can be cleared out, just as the detrimental thoughts and emotions were cleared from a sacred site7. Now that would be really beneficial dowsing! Whether it can be done or not is an intriguing thought.

Influencing Minds : Forces for Good and Evil

            A potential danger is that the more skilful people become in being able to interact with the Psi-Field, the more they will be able to influence one another’s minds. This could be used for both good or bad influences. Minor examples of it happening already are in the ‘miraculous’ appearance of car parking spaces. These can be rationalised by the desire for such a space being projected by the driver/dowser en-route, and it registers on someone’s mind that now is the time to go back to the car and drive home.

What do we want to do with dowsing?

            Passing on from what dowsing is able to do, it is but a small step to consider what we would like dowsing to do for us. But, I will leave this question for the reader to think about for themselves and reflect on how they might be able to achieve it. If they would like to exchange their views with others, then that is almost like taking a positive step towards the wish fulfilling the deed.  Happy thinking!

© 1998 Dudley Wheeler & BSD/EEG
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