The Source of Earth Energies

by Billy Gawn

One of the most frequently asked questions from those who study earth energies is “from where do they come?” I believe that it is a question that should be asked and that an attempt should be made by all to answer it. This article relates my observations over the years and tries to make sense out of the confusion that may exist when dowsers first set out on the earth energies trail.

The Earth Energies Group chose the name carefully by using the plural “energies” rather than the singular. This indicates that these energies may have many sources, in, on and around the earth. The statement made by many dowsers that every object has a dowsable energy field around it goes a long way to answering the question, but the significance is not fully appreciated.

Is the size of the object important? Is the position of the object important? Is the distance from the object important? Does the object need to be on the surface of the earth or can it be under the surface of the earth or above the surface of the earth?

Size and distance

If taken literally, the statement that every object has a dowsable energy field would mean that size is not important and that there is no cut off point right down to the smallest molecule or up to the largest feature in creation. It means that every speck of dust, every blade of grass, every tree, every rock and every topographical feature on the earth such as a hill, valley, river or lake has its own unique energy field that can be dowsed. My observations would make me agree with this possibility. The only importance that size appears to have is that generally the larger the object the larger the size of the dowsable energy field. However there are exceptions to this rule, which will be mentioned later.


I have no doubt that position is perhaps most important in determining many things with regard to the characteristics of an energy field. This is also one of the basic principles of the art of Feng-Shui. A better understanding of why is demonstrated if we observe the changes that take place in the characteristics of an energy field by placing two or more objects in particular relationships with each other.

In order to understand the results it is necessary to look in more detail at the composition of the features that make up what we describe as an energy field. First of all there is what is commonly called the aura. It is an energetic area around the object or person that can be dowsed and can change in size due to circumstance.  This aura is generally circular in form but not regular in outline. Expansion or contraction can be made to take place by placing the object or person on various locations. When above an area generating energy that can be dowsed as detrimental, the size of the aura will decrease. Over edgelines of underground water is a classic example of this. The opposite is the case when exposed to beneficial energy, here there will be an increase in the aura size. The size of the aura can also be made to change as the result of thought or intent. If the object is a person, their thoughts can affect the aura size. However the thoughts of another person properly directed can have a similar effect and will occur even if the object is an inanimate object or a plant.

This indicates a form of energetic communication between all things, human and otherwise. If communication at this level does exist then along with that must come influence, one on the other. It means that not only can we affect our environment but our environment affects us. This conclusion is arrived at from placement of ourselves or an object at various locations more or less at random. By doing this we are setting up accidental relationships by changing the relative position of ourselves and everything else in our environment. What then if we set up specific relationships?

The aura is only one of many features in energy fields. Others include straight lines of energy. These can be as radial lines or grid forms. As well, lines that curve and form spirals, circles or ovals. Combinations of these can create specific patterns similar to many archetypal forms. What causes these types of lines to occur?

Some insight into this can be had if we carefully place two or more objects at very precise specific distances apart. I would refer you to my article in the September 98 issue of the newsletter under the title “The Golden Mean and Three Bricks”. When at precise distances apart what we know as the aura changes in form and combines with those in the specific arrangement to create straight lines which can run for considerable distances before terminating. The straightness and distance is totally dependent on the precision of the relationship of the objects. Where that relationship is near but not precise, then curved lines are created which terminate in spirals. The further away from these precise relationships the lesser effect there is on the individual energy field until little or no change is observed to take place.

If we look at what we know about the composition of objects then things become clearer. Most objects are composite in nature; the exception to this is pure crystal. Therefore their make up is comprised of many different arrangements of molecules and particles. In composite materials the placement of these can be sufficiently mixed up to the degree that their relationship could be termed chaotic. In any state of chaos it is a mathematical certainty that specific relationships will occur. The theory of order out of chaos. These will cause various configurations of lines to be formed. This would suggest that we should expect to find in all energy fields that there is a reasonable amount of conformity with regard to the various line types, i.e. straight, curved, spiralling etc. That is indeed in keeping with my observations.

Relationship with the earth

This relationship and distance is not confined to a two dimensional plane. It works equally well three dimensionally. This brings into play the relationship of the earth to all heavenly bodies. As we know they are far from static, all are moving at high speeds and therefore the relative critical distances apart change by the day. This in itself causes continuous flux in the nature and type of energy lines that we dowse on the surface of the earth. Those who regularly monitor energy lines have found that their movements reflect the solar and lunar, short and long, cycles. This is evidence of the laws of relativity at work.

When we look at the face of the earth we see many features, natural and man made. There are the mountains and hills; the valleys, lakes and rivers; the trees and outcrops of rocks and boulders; houses, roads and other structures. All these things in their own right have identifiable unique energy fields separate from that of the earth as a whole, but with many similarities. Also due to their random placement some are within critical relative distances apart which makes larger fields come about through their interaction with each other.

Sense out of Confusion

This is where I believe much of the confusion comes from between dowsers when they are asked to compare findings. One of the greatest areas of confusion, and typical of many, is in the dowsing of grid forms of energy. There are endless claims about the presence of grid forms and measurements and orientations are given which vary significantly. This has led many dowsers to dismiss the grid theory as imagination. Many others hold to the idea although the results and data rarely agree. I want to lay bare my experience and perhaps make sense out of the confusion in this and other areas of energy dowsing.

If we are correct in, and accept the statement that all objects have a dowsable energy field around them then there are millions and millions of energy fields that we can access through our dowsing at any one location. If I am correct that the composition of the features and lines of energy fields are determined through specific relationships of some components of the object then there is likely to be reasonable conformity in the make up of all fields. With the case of small objects like grains of sand on a beach or blades of grass in a field, whilst it is possible to dowse them, due to their size and closeness of lines it is not possible or likely that we would be confused by them. However it is different when we consider the energy fields generated by large topographical features or structures. Here distances between lines can be great and not far removed from those found within the energy field of the earth as a whole or the energy field superimposed on the face of the earth by the planets or other heavenly bodies.

As I said in an earlier paragraph, within an energy field we can find straight lines and grids. When a series of straight lines are created in parallel along with a series at right angles to them a grid pattern is formed. This in my experience is a formation that is likely to exist in every energy field.

To complicate things further it is possible for several, five or more, grid formations to exist in each and every energy field. Each grid form will have a different number of lines, different spacing and orientation. Of Earth grid lines there have been several that have been named as different. My information would indicate that this should be so. However I am suggesting that there are thousands more within other energy fields that could be confused with them. Their spacing and orientation would be slightly different, hence the variation found. Awareness of this possibility and the clarity of the dowsing question would help to overcome some of the problem and lead to greater consistency in results.

The source of earth energies

I now come to the title of this article. It will remain confusing to dowsers if we simply dowse for energies without regard to their source. If we master the skill of following lines of energy quickly and that of dowsing for locations up to and over the horizon it does not take long to locate the source of many of the energy features we find on the face of the earth. This gives a much better understanding of what it is we are observing and the importance of relationships of objects. If and when unique locations are found it is easier to identify the reason and be able to replicate it if it is desirable to do so. It may also give us a better insight as to why areas of undesirable energy are formed and allow us to prevent these from being created by the actions of mankind.

Where the source is on or above ground it is easy to identify. It is less easy when the source is below ground as is often the case. Underground water in its many configurations is often the source point for displays of energy in the form of many types of lines and shapes. Geological faults and mineral deposits are equally the cause. Therefore it is important for energy dowsers to develop the skill to accurately identify these other features. In fact it is perhaps good that early in their career all dowsers who aspire to the understanding of earth energies develop these skills.

I will close with the following statement. All energy has a generating source and every thing a moderating affect. We cannot understand the one without first learning about the other.

© 1999 W. A. Gawn & BSD EEG