The Stonehenge Landscape Temple Project

by Marcus Mason and Caroline Wyndham

IN these momentous times of planetary transition, many of the world’s sacred sites are being re-established as focal points for the newly-emerging mystery schools.

Since October 1994, we have convened meditations within Stonehenge every full moon. For a year, the main focus of the group was to ground and root the etheric Rose which receives the incoming Christ Light from the Solar Logos at Stonehenge. The unfolding of the Rose assists unconditional love ti radiate into the new planetary grid system. Our understanding is that Stonehenge is one of the main inter-dimensional portals in the Northern Hemisphere to focus the creative light source into the Heart of the Earth.

The extension of this work has been the unfolding of the pattern of the planetary orbits in the landscape around Stonehenge. We have been guided to uncover the different sacred geometry within each orbit and to ground these forms by planting rose quartz and other crystals at the geometric pints in the earth. This, we trust is creating a balanced etheric vessel to hold and distribute the powerful solar and galactic energies that now flow into the planetary grid through Stonehenge. This ‘planting’ has been completed as far as and including the orbit of Saturn, which is focused at the Rollright Stones and thirteen other sites.

Our work reflects the solar system in the landscape and includes many important sacred sites through England and Wales, France and Ireland. These include Woodhenge (Mercury), Old Sarum (Earth and Moon), Stapleford (Venus), Marden Henge (Mars), Avebury (Asteroids), Uffington White Horse (Jupiter), the Rollright Stones (Saturn), the Long Man of Wilmington giant (Chiron), Brentor church (Uranus), St Michael’s Mount and Mont St Michel (Neptune). Pluto sites have still to be revealed. Some of the major sites which we have worked with have provided the keys to decoding information about the new grid system. The process often begins with seeing the relationship between two or three existing sacred sites. This enables a connection to be made at the higher frequencies of light which carry the etheric blueprint which can then be seeded through a particular geometric pattern into the physical substance of the Earth. The evolutionary process of matter is assisted in its unfoldment through human consciousness, channeling the divine spirit into those forms by unlocking and co-creating new forms. This way of ‘dowsing’ accesses the energy that flows in from above, rather than dowsing pre-existing energy patterns in the earth.

There are certain major vortices into which inter-dimensional energies are received. These places, like the chakra system in our human body, act like great wheels spinning out the new light codes into the geometric patterns of the grid system. Stonehenge is one of these, and might be likened to the crown chakra receiving and activating the pineal gland, which sends the cosmic pulse into the heart of the earth, connecting to other sites like the structures and synapses of the brain. It is the vessel for the life-blood, the life force of the planet and the cosmos, and it needs to be healthy. As the wheel of the year turns, so do the great wheels in the landscape, connecting countries and continents. Our ancestors, who were still connected to the stars, understood from these sacred places the interconnection of life on Earth with the Sun, Moon, planets, stars and galaxies. They understood the turning of the Wheel and their part in that movement and that by building temples and structures and stone receptors, they were harnessing that power in alignment with the major movements of the heavenly bodies. In the sacred places we can hear that signal and its deep inner wisdom again decoding for us our buried, forgotten memories, so that as our blood and life force circulates we reconnect to the deeper non-physical life blood of the planet. In this way the ruptured connections will bve reinstated so that the separation from the Source can be healed.

It is the task of human beings to transform the through and energy forms that exist within the etheric substance of the Earth. As we begin to come back into resonance with the deep pulse of the planetary life force at sacred sites, we may use prayer, positive affirmations, meditation, crystal grid work, sound, movement and sacred geometry to focus the balanced expression of Divine Light through Love and alignment with Divine Will into the energy grid.

© 1997 Marcus Mason, Caroline Wyndham & BSD EEG