The Stonehenge Tunnel

Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note – At the time of posting this online, it is late 2018 and the plan for a Stonehenge tunnel, although approved, remains a highly controversial subject and has still to be constructed.

Enclosed, copies of my correspondence with Deidre Rust BSD: re the proposed road under Stonehenge. – Mr J Whaley.

Dear Mr Whaley,

The President suggests that the earth energies should be charted now before any building commences and the when the work is completed for the energy lines to be put right. It is possible that the energies will be upset during the building work but we will not know for sure unless a survey is done beforehand. With the new Earth Energies Group now set up, it may well be a suitable task for them to undertake. Perhaps you would like to write and suggest it to them?

Deidre Rust

The following is an extract taken from the A303 Improvements and Stonehenge Conference 6 to 10 November 1995 sent in by Nora Morris:

English Heritage and the National Trust would like to see in the future the A303 and A344 roads closed and existing visitors center closed, with the A303 replaced by a long tunnel. The tunnel to run from just west of the countess roundabouts at Amesbury to some where near to the Long Barrow Roundabouts. The visitors center to be replaced by large facilities beyond the immediate horizon. English Heritage have been awarded £5M from the lottery for this. There are rumors that a site near the Countess Roundabouts has been chosen.
The question of a tunnel interfering with ley lines, earth energy lines, dragon lines and fire lines was raised. The Arch Druid Rollo Maughlin said the dragon lines met under the Henge and any disturbance of these would cause disturbance to the structure of the nation.