The Tsunami and the Psi-Lines

by Jill Bruce-Cook

The alignment of the planets of the 28th October 2004, to an astrologer was a very interesting phenomenon. To have 5 planets at exactly 72 degrees apart and forming a pentagram, is an alignment which requires deep thought and concentration, to obtain some insight as to what was to occur in the world.

On setting up the horoscope for the day, a kind of excitement occurred, while looking at the geometric formation. Astrology for me is something that I do when I am extremely stressed, or very happy, or when I need an answer to something. In fact it is my favourite thing, and I will do it at any time of the day or night! I am also clairvoyant and the combination of this with the sacred geometry of the horoscope has in the past made for some memorable, and I hope helpful readings for people.

72 degrees makes quintiles. Now Jonathon Cainer in the Daily Mail was convinced this meant great steps forward for the world. Because I am as old as the hills, and because I became an astrologer way back when there were hardly any books on it and certainly no computers, I wasn’t so convinced. Quintiles are not used often in readings. They sit between the square at 90 degrees and the sextiles at 60 degrees. Squares are difficulties to sort out; sextiles are intellect. Quintiles then sit at the edge of reason.

But a pentagram which 5 quintiles will form indicates the world and all its dimensions in harmony.

So I looked into the pentagram before me in the horoscope. And I saw a wave.

Some of us got to together to dowse the psi lines that appeared from this alignment on the 28th October.We discovered a kite shape but nothing else. I mentioned the wave but because I was busy, did not investigate it further. I must admit at that point I rather thought it was more to do with America and the Pentagon as it continued its war against terrorism. I rather thought a tsunami might hit the Eastern Seaboard.

On Christmas Night at about 9.30 p.m. Heidi began to bark. Heidi is a border collie, 17 years old, who knows everything and has constantly demonstrated her psychic abilities throughout her long life.

During the night I had a dream about what I thought was the Severn Bore. How strange. At breakfast on Boxing Day, we were discussing this, but I said it was a very large wave, travelling very fast, and what I couldn’t understand at the time was that it was black. Then the news came on the radio, that a tsunami had hit the countries of the Indian Ocean. The rest, as they say, is history.

Heidi, however continued to bark for the rest of the week, had bouts of strange behaviour, where she would hide in the cellar or under the beds, and was altogether very upset.

I set up another horoscope for the tsunami. It showed absolutely nothing. No catastrophe, no great humanitarian endeavour. What was going on? I pondered on it. Then I remembered a hypothesis put ) forward by Jim Lyons some time ago in the Dowsing Research Group. Was it possible, he wondered, that the angle of the spin that the planets make to the earth, could have an effect on the Earth’s inhabitants? I had those angles on the computer. They are called ‘declinations’, and they are used in navigation. They are the angles at which the planets appear from the earth when calculated from the equator.

On the day of the tsunami there was a build up of 6 planets within a 90 degree area of the heavens. Their psi lines were hitting the Earth within a 15 degree arc, just south of the equator. By measuring the angles of the declinations from the equator, it was possible to follow the psi lines from the ellipse of the Earth through to the Northern Hemisphere. They crossed at a midpoint between 3 and 5 degrees north of the equator.

Midpoints in astrology indicate calamity. As the midpoint progressed around the world as the Earth turned on its axis, this knot of psi lines would have exerted a tremendous pressure on the planet.

Pluto’s and Neptune’s psi lines were conjunct (together) at 16 and 15 degrees south respectively.

Jupiter was at 5 degrees south and Uranus sat midpoint between that and the Pluto/Neptune conjunction at 10 degrees south.

At between 19 and 23 degrees sat the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, which meant that Pluto/ Neptune were midpoint between this stellium and Jupiter.

The Moon was full, so it was directly opposite the Sun and was was in a six degree orb conjunction with Saturn on the opposite side of the equator at 27 degrees north.

This is an extraordinary alignment of planets, in which every planet in the solar system was involved in a very malignant build up of energy.

Pluto is the planet of earthquakes, and its psi lines were conjunct with Neptune, god of the sea. To be in the middle of such a build up of midpoints, would have exerted tremendous pressure on the Earth’s crust. The presence of Jupiter, which is nine times bigger than any other planet, lying at one side of this midpoint, and a stellium of all the faster moving planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and including also the Sun, at the other would have made this a very explosive force indeed.

One must suppose that Mars at 20 degrees south must have played a large part in in this, as the Pluto/ Neptune conjunction lies precisely midpoint between Mars and Jupiter. Any connection between Mars and Pluto must be viewed with caution, as their actions can be extremely similar; in fact Mars ruled Scorpio before Pluto was discovered in 1938. They are both planets of destruction, famine and and disease. Pluto is bacteria which can invade the flesh and Mars is infection. Neptune rules, of course, water borne diseases.

Uranus lying midpoint between Jupiter and Pluto/Neptune would presage a cataclysmic event, because it is the planet of sudden events. But here we have all the outer lying planets in precise arrangement. These planets are to do with both the collective unconscious of the world’s population but also our individual inner selves. Could this be the only seeming light in this dark story? Uranus is the planet of humanitarian endeavour. Is this the link to Jonathon Cainer’s vision of an enlightening population, indicated by the 5 quintiles in the pentagram of 28th October? Could this terrible event, which has the deepest meaning planets at its core, be galvanising the world into collective and altruistic action? Only time will answer that one, but for the few days after the tsunami hit, it certainly looked hopeful. So why did the earthquake occur where it did? I had calculated the latitude at 3 – 5 degrees north of the equator, but why did it occur precisely where it did? I pondered again and looked again, but this time nothing clairvoyantly occurred.

The answer had to lie with the Moon. It was full,  so it would be lying opposite to the Sun. I knew that the tsunami had hit Phuket at 8.25 a.m. because I had seen, on the newsreels, a clock stopped by the water at that time. Arithmetically calculating this meant that at that time, astrologically, the Sun would have been said to be at 4 degrees Capricorn, which at 8.25 a.m. in Phuket, gave it a longitude of 95degrees East of Greenwich.

This gives a map reference of 4 degrees south and 95 degrees east. At the time of the earthquake, the Moon moved opposite to the Sun, and Saturn and the Moon made an opposite midpoint to it also.

The pull must have been tremendous. Saturn is the heaviest planet and is associated on Earth with lead. Its actions usually indicate some kind of ‘heavy’ experience or dragging action for an individual. The Moon was full,and so its influence on the Earth was at its optimum. The Moon controls the tides and the waters of the planet, and has co-rulership of the sea with Neptune.

What we seem to have here is a clear case of psi lines affecting the Earth. Although I have translated the effect using astrology, there is no doubt that from the declinations of 26th December 2004, the planets were making an exact, geometrical alignment to the Earth. If what. as dowsers, we feel is true, i.e. that the psi lines do have an effect on the environment and its other dimensions, then here we have a fascinating picture.

We seem to have an exact arithmetical and geometric alignment of planets in which the spin of these vast bodies may have actually activated a pull on the Earth’s crust which set in motion these terrible events.

We are warned to remember that the Earth is always in charge; but maybe it is more than that. Perhaps astrologers have been right all along,and that the psi lines of planets really do affect us!

© 2005 Jill Bruce-Cook & BSD EEG