Things That Go Bump in the Night

by Keith Paull

I offer the following as an interesting aspect of dowsing which may prompt a little research and experimentation among members of the EEG.  The “We” in the text is not the royal “We” as my wife is also a dowser of many years standing.

For the last ten or so years our dowsing work has been increasingly directed towards trying to help people who are suffering from that peculiar ailment, Geopathic Stress. In the course of this work we have discovered that sometimes we encounter other dowsable lines that react to colours other than the dreaded black on my Mager disc.  Purple or white lines seem to have a healing or generally benign effect but the one, which I am going to discuss, is identified by the colour green.  Sometimes it would register as an isolated spot rather than as a line but each time we encountered this colour there always seemed to be a connection with a haunting in some form or other.

A typical example of a green spot is the case where we discovered a strong green area directly in front of the drawing-room fireplace of an early Victorian house that we were dowsing for a client.  Watching what we were doing the lady of the house laughed and told us that we had discovered the old gentleman who often stood holding his coat tails and warming his rear in front of the fire!  She had no idea who he was but the family were quite accustomed to seeing him.

Another example was the green spot I found in a large house beside a perfectly blank wall and somehow I had the feeling that a cat was involved. Then the client explained that before the extension, we were in, was built there had been a window in the wall in that place and the spot I had indicated was where the cat used to sit whilst waiting for the window to he opened to let him in!

We have had many similar experiences over the years and it leads me to wonder if the dowsing signal which reacts to green, in our case, indicates that the conditions are right for some kind of ghostly happening to take place. Is it a psychic recording or possibly even some kind of localised time slip?  What are the conditions necessary to trigger it?  If it is a recording, how was it made?  Is it a case of powerful mental signals being radiated in the right place?  After all, the old gent must have felt happy and at peace with the world as he toasted his bottom and the cat was looking forward to the food and warmth that awaited him indoors!

Does the green reaction on my disc indicate the effect itself or is it a sort of power point that supplies the energy for the event to take place? And if spots are time-slip locations, what then? Maybe it is neither of these things and green indicates a ghost in the sense of a returning spirit in the spiritualistic sense, so does the dowsing signal indicate the spirit itself or the power source that enables it to appear?

Enough of green spots for the moment, let us turn to the behaviour of a green line.  The case of “Auntie” is a good example of the extreme effect a green line can have. Maureen, a close friend of ours, told us one day that her aunt, an elderly lady living alone in a house some thirty miles away was afraid she was going mad.  For the previous couple of years or more, every night when she went to bed she could hear hymns being sung which disturbed her greatly. Her GP was giving her sedatives to no avail so Maureen asked if there was anything we could do to help.

Working on a rough plan of the house, a plan which did not identify the uses rooms were put to so as not to influence my interpretation, I discovered a very strong green line which I neutralised using the technique I have described in the BSD Journal No. 263 page 218.  This I did on the Sunday evening and next morning just after breakfast Maureen phoned to ask if I had already done the job as she had just received an excited phone call from auntie telling her that last night she did not hear the hymns and had an unbroken night’s sleep and she was so happy that she had to tell somebody!

I might add that it was not until some days later that auntie learned of what I had done and I in turn discovered that the green line traversed the length of her bed!  That was about two years ago and from that day to this auntie has had no further disturbances whatever.

An example of both a green line and spot occurs in some work we have done in conjunction with a local ghost research group who have sometimes invited us to dowse a building a few days prior to them setting up their equipment and doing a night vigil.  As a matter of interest the group consists mainly of serving police officers so we can be sure they are trained observers and have a rational approach to their researches.

In this particular instance the site was an old pub that had a strong local reputation for being haunted.  We found two green spots in the public bar and a strong green line diagonally across the newly built dining-room extension. As a precaution against giving material for an over-active imagination to work upon, something all too likely to happen during an all-night vigil in a darkened and reputedly haunted house, only the group leader was present when we dowsed the pub and only he knew of our findings.

One of the spots we located was near the old fireplace where the ghost was usually reported but nothing whatever occurred there during the vigil. However, at the other spot we had identified the form of a very irate man was seen by a couple of the researchers just after the pub was cleared at closing time.  From the descriptions given by the observers, elderly locals were able to identify the apparition as being the last landlord but one, a most unpleasant character by all accounts!

Throughout the night from their position in the darkened bar, members of the group were also aware of figures moving diagonally through the dining room along a route which tallied with the green line we had located. As a matter of interest we did not isolate this line, as our philosophy is that we should leave well alone if something is not a problem. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” is my motto, particularly when none of us can honestly say that we have any idea at all of what we are really doing!

So, what are these lines that react to green on my Mager disc?  They are obviously related to the green spots previously discussed but in what way? For my own part I look on them as a kind of connecting line along which some form of psychic phenomena may be transmitted and which can sometimes be inadvertently tapped into. Like the occurrences at the green spots I have no idea if the happenings are in real time or are recordings – my gut feeling is that they are recordings which is why many ghosts give unchanging performances even when the environment in which they appear has been drastically altered as, for example, the famous Roman legion which marches, apparently on it’s knees, through a York cellar, the present floor being some eighteen inches higher than the original surface of the Roman road.

I hope our experiences will encourage others to experiment and see what they may come up with and I look forward to learning of their results.

© 2000 Keith Paull & BSD EEG