To Bee or Not to Be… To Ley or Not to Lay

by Jan Spence

In our home in Chichester, we had a detrimental line running through our orchard, which we couldn’t ameliorate immediately.

We were keeping bees. Over the years we had accumulated more hives, and one year we were amazed at the behaviour of one colony. They had willingly adopted the hive offered to them., but never did the whole colony go inside. Instead, many of the bees hung around on the outside, clinging on to the sides, and under the eaves.

Then the penny dropped. Of course! They were on the Line. Little by little the hive was moved, and the bees began to act normally.

We also had a small ark of bantams, which was moved weekly to fresh ground. Suddenly one week, the hens stopped laying. After 5 or 6 egg- less days, another penny dropped – and yes – the roosting perch was precisely along the Line. The ark was moved and every hen laid an egg within the hour.

Sometime later, my husband was experimenting with bio-dynamic methods of gardening, and he had arranged with a friend to share the heavy work of preparing the various spray mixtures. Preparation involves stirring a given substance in a bucket of water, with only a stick and doing it vigorously for an hour to create a vortex, periodically changing direction. Realising they had set up the bucket on the Line, I strongly suggested they move it. Being Single Minded Blokes,they started stirring anyway

Defeated, I started to monitor the Line throughout an hour. I found that it split round them, and the split shape grew and grew. Until, at the end of the hour, it had apparently gone completely.

To date, 3 years on, it hasn’t reappeared.

 © 2005 Jan Spence & BSD EEG