Up Over Technique Works Beaut Down Under

by Noel Jordan

Clearing houses can be quite fun and you don’t have to do Pavarotti impressions to achieve it.   Usually, people come to you, and after a few moments, you can hear yourself saying, “Well, I think I can help you.”  They have been relating how their relationships are strained, or they’re bankrupt, or their home needs constant repair, or nothing will grow, that their children are under-achieving.  But mainly that they have no energy and constantly feel drained.  It’s tempting to blame the government, I know.

At the risk of sounding like a New Age Guru, the universe is seamlessly putting together the buyers and the sellers.  Geopathic stress is everywhere, but so are the fixers.

Charles Holderness, a brilliant dowser and engineer, trained me.  My first case was in 1980 in England and involved a research scientist who died of a lightning cancer, his wife had a mastectomy, and the children had always been ill.  She wanted to build a playroom smack on a black line.  After the black line was diverted, she sold the house, and took up with an accountant who walked with a limp and had a speech impediment.  After that I lost touch, although I did ponder on the symmetry.

Since then, I’ve cleared homes in many countries with wonderful results, although I notice that unless you press people you never hear another thing.  At first I always did it for nothing.  When I retired to Australia over 5 years ago, I began to charge a nominal $20 until one grateful lady said that my fee was so derisory that she sent me $50.  But it depends on a person’s circumstances and on my last job I was offered $5 but I took just $2, which is what I paid to get into the meeting.  (Feng Shui practitioners start at $350 but it’s easy for them.  They have a big compass, move all the furniture around and hardly anyone knows how to pronounce it properly.)   Anyway, true to form, I’m still waiting to hear about the last job….

All I need to do the job is a large map showing the person’s house in relation to its neighbours.  The work is done in my study at home, although occasionally I will go to the person’s house. 

Recently, after I’d finished one job, I went to the lady’s house where everything was now sweet.  This time, the main purpose was to visit the local school where numbers had been falling, teachers and children were absent regularly, and, as I found out, the head teacher suffered from a double whammy because her home was affected as well.  The energies were awful and after visiting the school, I felt terrible and had to have a lie down in Catherine’s house which I had previously cleared.  However, once the school had been cleared, the numbers began to shoot up and the teachers were all much happier.

If you adore happy endings, you’ll be pleased to know that Catherine is looking radiant, is having a book published and has started on her second one.  Her children are stars at school, doing ballet and all kinds of other things.  The dog is behaving himself; the orange trees are fruiting; her flowers could get into Homes and Gardens; her finances are still going north and her sense of humour has returned.

It isn’t always so easy.  Some people do not want to be helped. 

We have friends who poked fun at me when I told them what is wrong with their house.  But if they are constantly having medical investigations and operations, and can’t accept the reason, there’s not much more to be done.  Sometimes the universe wants you to leave well alone.

© 2002 Noel Jordan & BSD EEG